Your Perfect Skin Beauty Regime

by thriftyfashionista on April 8, 2015

Perfect skin doesn’t just come to us naturally; we have to work at it. The elements can affect it and make it dry, cracked, flaky, even wrinkled. Life can get in the way and affect our skin too. However, if you can keep a consistent beauty regime up, you should be on your way to perfect looking skin in no time.


Exfoliate Twice a Week


Exfoliate your body twice a week to make sure you’re getting rid of dead skin cells and revealing bright, shiny cells underneath. Use a rough scrub if you have particularly dry skin, but be careful if you have sensitive skin. On your face, make sure you use a scrub especially made for the face.


Dry Body Brush


Dry body brushing feels nice and helps to smooth out any cellulite. It encourages fat to break down properly and disperse elsewhere, so it helps to give your skin that perfect appearance.


Always Moisturise


Whenever you get out of the bath or shower, make sure you moisturise. Your skin will dry out if you don’t! Use a rich moisturiser on your body and concentrate on dry areas.


Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise Your Face


Cleanse your face every day to get rid of any impurities that may have cropped up. Tone it afterwards to refresh it and get rid of any left over gunk. Finally, when your face is totally clean, you can moisturise it. Use any specialist products too, like eye creams. If you’re doing this in the morning, apply some simple makeup afterwards.




Apply a Face Mask Once a Week


Use a face mask once per week after cleansing but before toning and moisturising. Make sure you use one suited to your skin type to see the best results.


Use a Suitable Razor and Shave Gel


Most women shave their body hair as it’s easier and cheaper than waxing – less painful too! Use a suitable razor and shave gel to make sure you don’t start getting ingrown hairs and shaving rash. Don’t just buy the cheapest razor there is, as your skin can suffer. Invest in a half decent one.


Use a Tanning Bed or Self Tan


The skin always looks better when it has a slight glow! Tanning beds can even reduce any spots you have, explain Tanning Lotion Center. If you have skin that isn’t suitable for sunbeds, then you should use a self tan instead. Just make sure you apply it as evenly as possible so it looks natural. Practice makes perfect!


Eat the Right Foods


The things you put into your body affect what happens to it outside. If you’re eating rubbish food, you’ll begin to look rubbish too. Eat the right foods and it’ll show on your skin. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit; natural foods that are found on the earth rather than produced in a factory.


Follow this regime and you’ll soon have perfect skin to show off whatever you’re doing. Leave a comment with any tips of your own. See you next time!



My Incredible Tips for Saving Money on Bags

by thriftyfashionista on April 1, 2015

Just like any self-respectable fashionista, I can’t resist a bag. And although I’m trying to clear out some of my older purses, that doesn’t mean I can’t replace them with more grown-up designs. But having a bag problem can get a little expensive, and who doesn’t prefer a bargain over shelling out the full price for a designer handbag? But hunting down those deals can be tough, especially when you want real discounts. That’s purses that have been reduced from $400 to $100, not to $385. So how can we track down the best prices to fill our closets with bags without breaking the bank?


Don’t Knock Knock-offs


Ok, so maybe you don’t want to be caught with a fake handbag. But you don’t have to walk around with a purse that says it’s Louis Vuitton when it’s never been near a designer label. You can however buy something inspired by your favorite designers without paying designer prices. The top-end bags might be the must-haves, but any thrifty shopper knows they’re not the be all and end all. Open your mind to bags that don’t have a fancy name on them, and you’ll save a lot more on your purchases.


Denna Jones


Buy from the Right Place


Shopping in the right stores is an excellent way to grab a bargain. Even if you’re after designer items, choosing a different store could make a difference of a hundred dollars or more. Look for stores that have a reputation for lower prices by shopping around and comparing prices online. You can find vouchers and discounts online too on lots of websites. Then there’s places to shop that are cheaper all around, like wholesale sellers. Not all of them sell to the general public, but those that do have great items like these camouflage purses and reasonable minimum spend limits. You should also check both in store and on the internet, even for the same stores. You might find a one-off in the store that they don’t have online, or you could find a larger range of sale items on the website.


Go Shopping at the Right Time


Choosing the right time to shop is just as important as picking the right place. Of course, everyone goes crazy for enormous sales like Black Friday, but there are other opportunities too. Keep an eye on when your favorite stores have sales, as well as the seasonal events that pretty much every retailer holds. If you want to be the first to know about special events, sign up to the newsletters for your favorite places to shop.


Buy Vintage or Second Hand


If you just have to have designer bags, one of the best ways to get them for less is to look for vintage or second-hand items. You can find them at fantastic prices and still in excellent condition, even if they’re years old. Just make sure you take a close look at them if you buy in-store, or that you can see plenty of photos if you’re buying online.


You don’t have to reign in your bag obsession if it’s costing you too much. Just look for ways to save and you can treat yourself whenever you want.




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