Most Popular Halloween Costumes Of 2013

by thriftyfashionista on October 15, 2013


It’s that time again. The ghouls and goblins are hiding in darkened corners, the vampires are set to create mayhem, and the zombies are wandering the streets filled with unrestrained cannibalistic urges. Fortunately, Halloween is all about make believe, with ersatz demons, monsters and the undead apparently posing very little threat to the general public. Each year, there seems to be a whole crop of new Halloween outfits, ranging from the amusing to the revolting, and this year is shaping up to be no different. We are set to spend no less than $2.3 billion on Halloween costumes this season, so which ones are going to be the big winners?


If you are looking for something truly frightening, then look no further than Miley Cyrus’ twerking antics at the VMAs. According to Google Shopping, Ms. Cyrus is among the 10 top trending searches for Halloween outfits. Apparently, foam fingers, well-ventilated bodysuits and R-rated gyrations are going to be all the rage, much to the dismay of the general populace. Let’s hope that sites such as My Retail Media don’t start reporting that this is becoming a major retail trend.


It seems that Minions are also a hot Halloween property. The diminutive henchman with the yellow bodies and blue overalls are also in the top 10, and are popular with both children and adults alike. If you go down this route, at least you won’t have to make any conversation – being unintelligible is all part of the disguise. It’s also pretty handy if you happen to have a few nips too many at the bar. Of course, the big decision is whether you see yourself as Felonious Gru or Dr. Nefario.


The Caped Crusader is a perennial favorite at Halloween, and this year is no exception. In fact, searches for Batman are up no less than 36% in 2013, although there are no stats available on Robin or Catwoman. If you do decide to go as one of Gotham City’s superheroes, just keep in mind that it can get hot under that rubber mask – the Joker, Siren or Minerva might be a cooler choice in more ways than one.


If you are looking for something really stylish, then it seems that you are not alone. Searches for a Great Gatsby dress are also on the rise, presumably fueled by the 2013 release of the film of the same name. The jury is out on whether or not this was better than the 1974 Robert Redford version – although the style of the two films was so different that it’s difficult to compare – but apparently there is no debate when it comes to flapper dresses. They’re as hot as it comes.

Film Review Despicable Me 2

Finally, if you are a fan of Duck Dynasty – and who isn’t – then you have the perfect opportunity to pay tribute this Halloween. Dressing up like the Robertson family is a popular choice among the 11.8 million viewers of the show. It seems that interest in Duck Dynasty costumes is highest in Texas – which makes you wonder what the connection is with Louisiana.


Why a Watch Winder Is A Great Idea

by thriftyfashionista on September 13, 2013

If you are like most of us, you love watches. They aren’t just a practical way of telling the time – if that was it, then you would probably look at your mobile phone instead. They make a fashion statement, accentuating and coordinating with whatever you are wearing. Because of this, you may have several watches and pick the one that you want to wear each day – choosing an understated one with a blue dial to go with blue jeans and a white blouse, for instance, or a classy, sparkling one for that romantic night out.


The problem, of course, is that if you haven’t worn a watch for a while, the chances are that it won’t be running when you take it back out of the drawer. Of course, if a watch has a battery-powered quartz movement, then this isn’t an issue, but many watches, even those from Patek Philippe or Rolex, still have traditional manual movements. Not only do you have to wind the watch back up again, but you also need to reset the time. This is even more of a problem when the watch shows things such as the date or the phases of the moon. Just the annoyance of having to do this may prevent you from actually taking out a watch that you love and wearing it.

This is where a watch winder makes so much sense. If your watch has an auto-winding movement, where the motion of your wrist automatically winds the watch mechanism, then a watch winder will keep it running by gently rotating the watch while you are not wearing it. You can get these online – for instance, at – and, depending on the model, it will keep anywhere from 1 to 6 watches fully wound. You can get relatively inexpensive models, as well as top of the range ones that are a work of art in themselves.


Aside from the convenience of having your watches fully wound all the time, a good watch winder can actually extend the life of your watches. Most older watches have a mechanical movement that is lubricated with machine oil. Unfortunately, if this is left for a long period of time in an unwound watch, it can congeal. If it does this, it will effectively gum up the works in the watch, so that the watch doesn’t run anymore. Of course, you can take your watch to a good jeweler if this happens, and they will clean it for you. However, this is an ongoing expense, and opening up a watch too frequently contributes to the wear and tear. Normally, you should only have your watch cleaned internally about every five years, so if you’re doing it more often than that, then something is wrong. Some newer watches use artificial lubricants, which are less prone to clogging, but the jury is out on whether this really prevents the problem. The bottom line is that it’s not worth taking the risk.


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