Wedding outfits mothers of the bride and groom

by thriftyfashionista on August 16, 2015


Wedding is the happiest and most solemn event in every woman’s life. That’s why any bride wishes not only to look wonderful at this feast but also to see all her guests stunning, solemn and stylish. First of all it concerns the newlyweds’ mothers.

Choosing appropriate wedding attire for mothers is not easier than choosing one for the bride. An extremely significant thing here is not to pick up something too pale and indiscernible, and vice versa, not to fix upon too provocative outfit.
Mother of the bride dresses should be elegant and convenient. Besides, they must perfectly match the concept of the wedding feast. An optimal choice for the mothers will be pastel colors.  Pink, blue, yellow, light violet will look just fine. Along with them, one can use some nobly saturated colors, such as claret, lilac, dark green. But white and black are not good for the mothers at wedding. This day white is a color only for the bride. Black is also not suitable at all. It has either mourning or official mood. The mother in a black outfit will look poorly next to the bride.

If the feast is to be held in a warm season, a mother can afford a pretty open dress: short sleeve or exposed shoulders, décolleté, cuts on the hemline – all this is acceptable. The length should be chosen to your own taste – up to the floor, a bit above or below the knees. In case of windy weather or evening chill, you can complete the image with a light cape or shawl.

For a cool season choose attires that include jackets or capes of different kinds: scarves, stoles, boleros. An elegant costume is a universal option. Upon desire, you can select a jacket or coat to any finery.

Plump body forms can be profitably emphasized if you pick up a dress of a qualitative dense matte tissue. Add some bright stylish accessories, and you’ll be the most fascinating mom.
The shoes choice should be also reasonable. If you can healthily bear this, you’d better choose footwear with heels but not very high.

You can choose shoes in tone to the outfit or, they can be contrast.  An elegant handbag of the same color as the dress will complete the elegant mother look.
A hairstyle of mothers of the bride and groom must also emphasize her grace and noble face features. Nothing mannered is necessary. If you’ve got long straight hair, let it down or make a stylish bundle. In case you have a short haircut, let it be an accurate hairdo.  Don’t go for a bright defiant makeup for this occasion. This should be a makeup in a nude style which is always plain and refined.





Luxury Kisses

by thriftyfashionista on August 5, 2015

Luxury Kisses Updated LogoI have been on a long hiatus. But I will be back weekly because I am so freaking excited about this new website I just discovered called LUXURY KISSES. In the past few years I have dipped my toes in with selling on lots of different re-sale sites but I wasn’t really impressed with any of them. You all know I have an Etsy Store but what do I do with all the beautiful new designer merchandise I come across on my weekly thrifting trips?

Well they are all about to go up on

As a seller I purchased the Louis Membership which allows me to list up to 40 items a month with no listing fee. More then that, they offer free shipping, authentication AND (here is the kicker) PHOTOGRAPHY. For me this is a god send because I spend hundreds of dollars a year (and hundreds of hours) on photography equipment and shooting.


As a buyer I am eyeing a Chanel double flap bag and a Louis Vuitton Noe bag for my designer bag collection.

Luxury Kisses is also getting ready to launch handmade and are now accepting vintage so look for future posts to links with my collection which will be up for purchase.


Have you guys shopped on Luxury Kisses? Show me what you bought!




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