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    Shopbop Sale

    Shopbop is having an insane sale and I couldn’t let it pass without posting about it. I have already stocked up on all my spring/summer favorites (Summer look: Rihanna Wild Thoughts music video) but I didn’t break the website and there is still plenty to be had! I defiitely cleaned my bank account out on a couple of the bags below Happy shopping everyone – please share your purchases in the comments!

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    Think You’re Too Busy to Be Healthy? Think Again!

    People all over the world use the same excuse for their unhealthy eating habits: they don’t have time. They also use the same excuse for a lack of exercise or failure to go to the gym. However, after reading this article and taking a look at some helpful tips that we can offer, you’ll find that it’s easier than you think to make some small and sustainable changes to your life that will make you healthier. Source: Pexels   Watch your diet   It’s easy to just say “watch your diet”, so let’s elaborate on what this means. For starters, watch the foods you eat. Consider nutritional values and calorie…

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    Train To Win

    If you’re training for a competition or event at the minute, then you need to be training to win. Even if you don’t want to win, as long as you’re training with the mindset of winning you’ll do better. It is all about the psychological factors that push you here. A desire to win pushes your training efforts further. There are so many different sporting events happening in the world, and most likely in your local area that you can get involved in. A lot of them are just for fun, a lot of them are competitive. Whichever one you’re attending, here’s how training with the mindset of winning, can…

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    Nail Your Office Chic With These Tips For a Polished Professional Style

    Photo credit   When it comes to your career, they say you should dress for the job you want, rather than the job you have. And while professional habits may not be dictated by what you wear, perception remains an incredibly important tool when it comes to impressing senior figures. It may not get you all the way in, but it could just open the door. So how do you polish up your style to look sleek and professional? Turns out its all about paying attention to the details of your look that can elevate it into something polished;   Do The Modern Match   The days of matching your…

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    Everyday Ways You Are Ruining Your Skin

      Looking in the mirror in the morning, you probably sigh every time you notice bags under your eyes or extra lines around your face. You probably resign yourself to the fact that the ageing process has begun, unaware that it’s you who is causing damage to your skin – some of the time anyway. From bad habits we take part in, knowingly or otherwise, we can all affect the way we look on a daily basis. We will list some of them here, so take heed. Mother Nature may not be to blame after all!   Drinking too much coffee (image)   Yes, we know you need your caffeine…

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    Swimwear Shopping- Without The Hassle!

    There’s nothing better than booking your summer holiday, it can certainly make a cold and dark February feel more bearable. You have something to plan for, something to look forward to- however, many of us swiftly come to the realisation that we’re going to have to get back into a bathing suit! A long winter and an indulgent Christmas means most of us aren’t looking our best, and so swimwear shopping is far from a fun task. However if you plan ahead and follow these tips over the next few months, by the time you come to choose your bikini or swimsuit you’ll be feeling far more confident! pic from…

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    How To Look Amazing Without Breaking The Bank

    Max Pixel Picture this: You’re sat at home or in a waiting room and are flicking through a random magazine filled with pictures of beautiful celebrities. They all look amazing. One has a purse that you love, one has a stylish coat, and one just looks like she’s sent from Heaven. At this point, you’re probably drooling over the shoes of one of the Kardashians. They look great, and they all have money, which means that, without their riches, you can’t possibly look as good as them, right? Wrong. Looking amazing has nothing to do with how much money you spend, and you can look just as good as them…

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    Keeping Up With Your ‘Adapted Lifestyle’ Yet Staying Thrifty

    Pexels   Staying fashionable and updated with the times is a purely fun activity. Let’s face it, while looking great and feeling confident is our end objective, it’s often the journey that we enjoy the most. Headed out with a girlfriend, drinking coffee, going shopping and grabbing a bite to eat is as central to the fashionista experience as trying on new clothes and wearing them to the evening event is.   As you adapt to this lifestyle through gaining a monetary raise at work, or simply experiencing it as something which you consider to be a core part of your identity (such as running a fashion blog on the…

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    Style Yourself Gorgeous: Look Good, Feel Great!

    The way we look and the way we feel really do go hand in hand. If you’ve fallen into a rut with your style and lost some of your confidence, thankfully there are ways you can change this. Perhaps you prom dress for comfort on more days than you’d like, or maybe a busy lifestyle means that most days your appearance is the bottom of the priority list. If so, maybe now you could take some time for yourself? Whether they are big or small changes you’re bound to feel more attractive, confident and even happier. photo credit- lilyhair.com Go To The Hairdresser When life gets busy our usual beauty…

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    New Year, New You, New Work Closet

    Image source   We’re going to say what no one else dares to say for fear of sounding like a downer (especially at the one time of the year where positivity seems to burst from the seams), but it can be pretty hard to rock the whole “new year, new me” philosophy when you are rocking the same old job. You’ve just been given a week-plus off for good behaviour and you spent it doing everything you can to forget about your mundane nine to five, only for it to hit you like a snow shovel. However, there is a way to make this reality-slap sting less and it is…