Style Staple #2 : The Sweatshirt

by admin on July 27, 2014

style staple #2

I am all about comfort these days and I am firm believe that comfort and style can live together to be something fabulous. Over this past fall and spring I have fallen in love with the prospects of what a simple graphic sweatshirt can do for an outfit. Paired with the perfect button down shirt, skinny pants and necklace you are ready for work or a fab night out!


Style staple #1: The boyfriend jean

by thriftyfashionista on June 29, 2014

My 30th birthday is in a month and as I go through my existing wardrobe I am wondering if  perhaps my clothes are now a little “young”. However I am not 30 yet and it still summer and when I am not in my gym clothes I have become a big fan of easy dressing.  This summer my staple of choice is the boyfriend jean. They can be dressed up and dressed down and they go with one of my favorite accessories: The crop top. Crop tops, platform sandals and a trendy backpack. let’s not forget a body chain for a little extra sassy.


25% off Sale at Shopbop & East Dane

June 23, 2014

  Awesome news guys! Shopbop is having a 25% off the Sale Price Sale!! I love shopbop and their sales are awesome!- Check it out while you can for 3 days only!

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European Style

June 15, 2014

Last month I was so blessed to have the opportunity to go back to one of myFavorite places in the world! Europe! Or more specifically – Italy. MyFriends Megan and Alysha and I took a cruise the left from Rome and went to Livorno, Cannes, France Palma de Majorca, Barcelona, and Naples. We took a […]

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Bag Hoarder

June 12, 2014

I admit it – I have a problem. I love purses. I try to do a clean out of the bag pile every year and it usually requires the assistance of my little sister ( I need someone to tell at me and keep me in check!) however a bag clean out in may stillLeaves […]

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New in the Etsy shop

June 11, 2014

I have been working hard the last few weeks to add all new merch to the ETSY store and I Am so excited to be able to update all my readers here about it. Every DAY I will be posting new incredible one of a kind vintage. I have an incredible new line of reconstructed […]

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Up and coming

June 10, 2014

It’s been a long 7 years since I started my fashion blog the Thrifty Fashionista as a side project and over the past 2 years I am sorry to say I have let it slip away from me a little. I have been working diligently on getting my degree in fashion merchandising from FIT as […]

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Most Popular Halloween Costumes Of 2013

October 15, 2013

  It’s that time again. The ghouls and goblins are hiding in darkened corners, the vampires are set to create mayhem, and the zombies are wandering the streets filled with unrestrained cannibalistic urges. Fortunately, Halloween is all about make believe, with ersatz demons, monsters and the undead apparently posing very little threat to the general […]

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Why a Watch Winder Is A Great Idea

September 13, 2013

If you are like most of us, you love watches. They aren’t just a practical way of telling the time – if that was it, then you would probably look at your mobile phone instead. They make a fashion statement, accentuating and coordinating with whatever you are wearing. Because of this, you may have several […]

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Using Self Storage To House Old Clothes

August 21, 2013

  As fashions come and go, it’s often no longer practical to store the same clothes you used to in your home. But if there’s one thing about the trend, it’s that it’s constantly on the move. Clothing that might be unfashionable now could turn out to be highly desirable again next year, or in […]

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