Celeb-spiration Vol 1. – Rachel Bilson

Being sick with a cold does not make for fun outfits. So rather then bore you with my uniform of hoodie and sweatpants I bring you a new feature! “Celeb-spiration”.

I had a long discussion with my boyfriend the other evening about the need for stylists in the world of celebrity, as well as the need to look to pictures in magazines and images on television to gain inspiration for our outfits. For me, someone with an obscene amount of clothing there are the days when I hit a road block on what I should wear that day – I always enjoying wearing something cute, fun, and colorful – but sometimes feel overwhelmed. It’s those times when I turn to My wall of outfit inspiration – clippings of outfits I liked and maybe could re-create out of my own closet (with my own personal touches of course).

I have talked about her before but Rachel Bilson is one of my most favorite celebrity fashion “icons” if you will. I love her casual, classy, yet funky style.

Check out the Photos! I love her use of scarves, big handbags, and leggings,  – and when she gets dressed up – She REALLY goes for it. Check out the pic from the Met Costume Institute Gala – The dress is stunning!

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  • Gerry

    I’m not a big fan of celebrities in terms of fashion because they don’t feel real to me – especially because of the stylist connection. Models are different because they’re paid to wear X designer’s clothes and you assume so, but celebrity fashion seems so… manipulative.

  • thriftyfashionista

    I wonder if Rachel uses a stylist – since she is so into clothing and fashion (From what I have read). I totally agree with you about that aspect of celebrity fashion.
    Because of that aspect I am usually more interested in learning about celebrity stylists and where they get their inspiration.
    I also can understand having someone go out and find things that I may like but don’t like the idea of someone dressing me all together without any of my real input.

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