Celebspiration Vol 2. – Jessica Biel

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Not only is Jessica Biel a talented actress, a natural beauty, and a sweetheart (she slept in my dorm room when I was in a freshman at NYU – one of her best friends was my roomates sister) – she is also my favorite casual dresser. I love the looks she puts together and I especially love that she wears the same pair of boots over and over again. Anyone who knows me knows that I can appreciate a well loved pair of boots.

I can also appreciate her use of a beautiful large handbag.

She also dresses up nicely.

Love Her!

p.s. – It was Christmas so of course I got a bad cold – more outfit pictures this week! Promise!



  1. Talented actress? Hell no!
    Natural beauty?? Fake lips and nose, yes!
    Sweetheart? I have heard several accounts of her being a b i t c h.
    Why was she sleeping in NYU? Didn’t she go to Tufts in Boston?
    As for her style: she has none. She can wear a few nice pieces once in a while but other than that she has no style. Even on a red carpet [with a stylists] her looks still are bad, besides the looks you have posted. She wore those boots last year and hasn’t worn them since. Cameron Diaz, Sarah Michelle Gellar and others also those boots.

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