Still In It….

I can’t shake the black and gray.

At every chance I get I am picking up pieces with bright colors and floral patterns but I still can’t shake the want to just throw on my black leggings with a long striped shirt or just something black.

This week I will start my winter closet clean out – For 2 reasons. To prepare for the upcoming warmer temperatures ( I am keeping my fingers crossed) and because next weekend my roommate is moving out of our apartment and I am moving into his larger room.

This also means I will begin to pull out more of my spring appropriate clothes and start to assess what will get put on Etsy -put on Ebay-given away and taken to Beacon’s closet.

Speaking of which I went to sell clothes the other day and used some of my store credit to pick up this awesome octopus bracelet. When I went to get dressed for the IFB party on Monday I realized so much of my necklaces are heavy chains and I decided to pick up a few more feminine pieces to go with the whole feminine look I am going for this spring.

I am so excited to start working on my wish list!



  1. That is such a cool bracelet! When I went to Beacon’s Closet, I was so overwhelmed I wanted to leave. I did try on some great stuff, though.

    Oh man, too bad we didn’t get to talk! I didn’t stay for too long because I showed at 8 and the party didn’t start till 9. Did you have fun?

  2. I’m the same with grey and black, it’s all I wear! I try to wear color, but I always fall back on grey and blacks.

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