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Taking advantage of it


This past week I was trying to take advantage of the last few days of beautiful warm spring like weather we were having in NYC.

The boots were and Ebay find that turned out to kill my feet so expect to see those in the Etsy store soon. Funny story about the skirt though – I almost bought it this past spring full price at American Apparel. I had seen so many girls wearing it in such cute ways I thought it would be a great versatile piece for my wardrobe. Unfortunately all the skirts remaining in the store in my size had loose threads – and after careful inspection I realized that if I knew how to sew well this skirt would be something easy and cheap to make. So back on the rack it went. I came across it a couple more times like at Beacons Closet and such but left it behind and purchased other items instead – Last week I was able to nab it for less than a dollar on a thrifting trip. Now I can enjoy it all Fall and Winter with tight, boots, and flats!

Also figured since I keep adding to my belt collection I should start wearing them more often!

Happy Halloween!


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