Fashion Movie Icon: Dianne Wiest – Hannah & Her Sisters

I feel as though I have lost some focus here and I am feeling a great pull to get back to my thrifty roots. It is always a great feeling to watch a movie and gain some real thrifting inspiration from one of the characters. The other night Adam and I watched Woody Allen’s Hannah and Her Sisters. I will admit, I am usually not a big Woody Allen fan but I did enjoy this movie. (Side Note: One of my favorite scenes was when Michael Cains character is chasing one of the sisters around a dirty deserted SOHO with nothing but abandoned store fronts – The SOHO I remember from when I was growing up!)

I especially enjoyed Dianne Wiest’s character Holly. Holly is an obnoxious actress who always has a new scheme to make money. In the end she learns that she is in fact a great writer.  The movie was mad in 1986 but unlike most movies set in the 80’s the clothes weren’t all that bad – well they were bad but not overly in your face 80s bad. Holly’s clothes were the most outrageous but they gave me some definite inspiration for thrifting! I have decided my look for fall/winter will be “Safari Rock star” (We will touch on that again later)  and I feel that some of the pieces shown in this movie (a lot of which I already have in my closet) would fit in perfectly!

11-3-2010 11-42-11 PM

Holly wears big pins and brooches on everything and I LOVE that because I have a huge collection of pins just sitting around. I plan to put a couple of them on the tweed blazer I got at the Salvation Army ($3.00) a couple weeks ago. I can pair that with a printed or solid color silk blouse and a belt to re-create a more ME version of this look!

11-3-2010 11-44-40 PM

The bag! That woven bag with leather handles is awesome! And were very in this summer (I am still kicking myself for the one I passed up at a street sale last month!) But I got one broken at the Goodwill ($0.50) That I am taking right to the shoe repair guy tomorrow because this movie showed me that these bags are still awesome in the winter time! So are awesome hats, doubling up on printed scarves, and Pins on the coat!

11-3-2010 11-46-07 PM

Love the pants and the letterman’s jacket! Not sure I could pull this look off – but I did love it none the less.

11-3-2010 11-47-23 PM

After seeing this I immediately put a sparkly leaf brooch my grandma just gave me on to my gray H&M beret. I love it!

11-3-2010 11-48-10 PM

But my favorite part of this outfit is the denim jacket with the sailor shirt pins and chunky necklace. I have a necklace just like this one in Blue and a perfectly worn in Diesel denim jacket ($1.00) – Now to just find the perfect sailor shirt!


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