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First of all – here is an outfit photo. I can’t beleive I used to do these everyday. I am getting to kind of miss it! I am hoping in the next couple of months (and definitly in the new year) I can go back to my daily outfit posting roots. I feel like I am missing out on documenting some great outfits! Half the fun of this blog is to go back in time and see how my style (and hair styles especially) have evolved over the last few years.

Speaking of hair styles – when I was about 7 years old I decided that what my curly hair definitely needed was a set of bangs so I proceeded to grab a chunk of hair from the front of my head and lop it off. Needless to say my mom was less than ecstatic and I had a bald spot for about 6 months. I bring this up because something similar has managed to happen to me yet again – this time not on purpose. I have recently gotten my hands on a 3000 watt salon style hair dryer. I thought this would be a great thing for me to have because in my head – the hotter the device – the smoother my hair. “This is great!” I thought to myself “A salon like blow out at home!” I prepared the private infomercial in my head and got to work. So excited so for shiny straight hair, so excited because I finally realized that parting my bangs in the middle could give me a whole new look….I proceeded to melt my hair brush and burn a huge chunk of hair out of the back of my head.

The sad part is I am usually so good about reading Hair Straightener Reviews I never thought to do the same for a hair dryer! On top of that my hair is fine and thin and straightens pretty fast – while most people are probably searching for the best straightener for thick hair I am constantly on the hunt for one that will do the job fast without…well..causing my hair to fall out!

Never fear everyone the damage is easily hide-able – and I’ve tried to look on the bright side by thinking that when the short pieces grow out I will have fabulous layers. In the mean time I am lowering the heat and stocking up on beanies and fedoras!

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  • Brie

    Hair boo-boos are always really annoying. I had a few botched dye jobs using dyes that itched my scalp or were too light to cover my own hair colour. Now those are a pain because I had to wait to redye it until my head stopped itching or was back to normal for fear of worse disaster.

    Huge chunks out of the hair…had that when I was 12 when some bright fellow student decided to put Elmer’s glue in my hair during art hour in class. I was unaware until later and my mum had to cut huge chunks out of my long hair to get rid of it all! I feel your pain.

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