The Thick and Thin of It

I used to be quite chubby. Not obese by any standard but uncomfortable in my own skin and out of shape for the most part. In October 2006 I began Weight Watchers and the change in my body (among other things) was enough to make me love clothes again and inspire me to start my own fashion blog. I was never one of those girls who aspired to be model thing growing up (that is the product of growing up with a weight training father who instilled in me that having muscle tone and “meat” on your bones always looks the best) but I did aspire to wear all their beautiful clothes.

Over the last few years I have noticed a trend in plus size clothing that I am loving. Trendy-ness.  I mean if Erin Wasson (for example) can wear an awesome sequin glitter top and black skinny pants then anyone should be able to:

Everyone deserves a chance to feel beautiful and confident when they step outside and if beautiful clothes can help you feel that way then they should be available to you.

Just sayin’.

This is a guest post from Simply Be plus size clothes.

Offering a wide variety of size 14 to 32 dresses, tops, knitwear, coats and jeans.

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  • Poca

    Most importantly is attitude – it outshines any pretty outfit! Love your confidence and willingness to share your story.

    xo, Poca

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