Don’t forget about “The Dudes”

I just watched the Big Lebowski with Adam (yes I had never seen it – and before you all get started on me I have yet to see the Godfather either – Adam has a list my only job is to lay on the couch) and it was obviously awesome. After yesterdays plus size woman post I thought it only fitting to follow up with one about mens fashion as well.

I must admit that while I have not come across a ton of  mens fashion blogs I am not really searching too hard for them either. Mainly because all my favorite fashion bloggers are ladies who make me laugh and know how to put a sweet outfit together using mainly thrifted and inexpensive pieces that either look expensive but weren’t, or were handmade (don”t get me started on the DIY blogs – I live for them!). Anyway, I think maybe the conception is that if the guy isn’t metro or gay then he must look like this:

But judging from my boyfriend and his friends that is obviously untrue. Like woman men should have the option to keep up with all current trends no matter what their size. Like I said everyone deserves to confident in their own skin while looking snazzy at the same time.

This is a guest post from Jacamo.co.uk – large men’s clothes designer.

offering a wide variety of mens clothes upto 5XL.

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