Obsessed With: Carly Simon

Little kids always have their favorite musical artists. I loved Madonna’s True Blue album and could dance around to it all day (sometimes I still do) but favorite musical artist of all time…since I was about 4 years old? That would have to be Carly Simon. My mom has a story she always tells about Earth Day one year when I was 5 years old. My kindergarten class had grown butterflies in class with the intention of setting them free in Central Park with other elementary school classes from all over the city. It was a whole to-do with prize packs, and special guests and a stage with a podium. At whatever point they were introducing someone that was going to bring out the surprise guest and that person turned out to be…who else? Carly Simon. My mom recounts me slapping my hands to my face and jumping up and down screaming “Oh My God its Carly Simon!” as if Beatlemania were happening all over again. In reality she was on the stage to introduce the real guest – An elephant. I was not impressed as much with the elephant as with seeing my music idol live and in person. Her album “Coming Around Again” was a staple in my Walkman at that age. (Listening to that album now I was singing some extremely adult material – adult contemporary to be exact.)

As I’ve grown older and my fashion sense has changed over the years I always seem to swing back to a 1970s sensibility and feel most comfortable when I am channeling that era of time. With the internet at my finger tips it is now easier for me to look back at the heroes of my childhood and create a colleage of their style choices and it seems to be more often then not that if I love the music – I probably love the clothes (*Ahem* Fleetwood Mac *Ahem*).

Okay what do we have here Carly? Do I see 70’s Boho, 90’s chic, A velvet dress, and Leopard print? A woman after my own heart!

Her style is so eclectic and downright awesome!

Of course I saved the best picture for last:

Rolling Stone 1975 <3


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