Cat and Mouse

(*This is an old outfit post from May that was posted on my other blog – I am currently crossing over back to this one!*)

I have been dying for a black silk polka dot shirt for a while now. I have been trolling EBay, Etsy, flea markets, and thrift stores for one like it was my job. I finally found one for $1 at a house sale in Hudson, New York during a trip up to visit my grandma in her beautiful log cabin. I also came away with a huge turquoise floppy sun hat, a 1960s maxi dress, and a huge orange and blue tote bag with a tribal print. The other aquired items are currently in my booth at the Artists & Fleas Market in Williamsburg – the shirt is hanging lovingly in my closet.

I thought the dress rehearsal of Spiderman: Turn off the Dark (version 2.0) would be the perfect time to debut it and (since I was attending a Broadway show after all) dress it up! Adam bought me this gorgeous vintage lion necklace for our 3 year anniversary earlier this month and I can’t take it off! I am planning a huge post on the animal jewelry I have been collecting over the past year but this (and the other piece he bought me – a silver and turquoise owl) are 2 of my most favorite. An H&M blazer I bought at Beacons Closet and my Marc Jacobs Mouse flats and I felt more put together then I have in weeks.

All Items second hand with the exception of the high waisted jeans which were purchased on sale from Urban Outfitters!


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