Everlasting Fashion

“They produce nothing with a lasting quality anymore” – grandmas use to complain every time something breaks.SOme may roll their eyes but somehow they have a point. Of course, no clothes or accessories last for eternity but it is certainly true that many fashion addicts are not used to spend their money on top-quality or luxury items anymore, but rather buy fashionable pieces for the moment, which can be easily replaced the next season. Next years’ trend will be to combine “old stuff” with new and fresh things of current fashion trends, especially when it comes to accessories and old flower prints.

Timeless Trends

  • When it comes to accessories, golden jewellery is an absolute must-have and the perfect vintage accessory throughout all seasons. Earrings, necklaces, or brooches do make your every outfit something special – gold will never be outdated and many people are still paying tribute to their grandparents inheritance.
  • Another example for timeless fashion accessories is a classic watch. These beautiful Girard Perregaux timepieces for example, complete every outfit. There is nothing more precious and long-living than a classy timepiece. It may accompany you a lifetime and might even be a great and meaningful thing to give to your children.
  • Black leather shoes – they’ve always been and will always will be fashionable. You’ve already seen the without a doubt greatest black leather shoes of all times in this post about Vintage Fall Trends. I think everybody loves Dr. Marten boots and they are truely made to last.
  • A brown leather bag – an absolute classic and certainly, every woman has at least one model in her clodet. Why? Because it matches every outfit. Also, a bag made of strong and thick leather has character. Especially after some years, when the leather gets the Used-Look and becomes all smooth.
  • A classic denim jacket or blouse. Especially for mild temperatures, they are absolute all-round talent. Even when combined with a simple t-shirt or top they still look great.

Of course it’s fun to look up the freshest fashion trend and to find out what is absolutely in, but combining antique accessories with regular clothes makes it even more individual and special.


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