Bring Fashion Home


We all try to express our inner self through our personal style – the way that we dress, the colors that we choose, the shades of makeup that we wear. We can be dominant, crisp and professional, soft and translucent, or innocent and approachable – it all depends on the particular fashion choices that we make.


However, while we spend a lot of our time planning how we want to look, the truth is that fashion really starts at home. How you style your home is an intimate expression of who you truly are – one that you only share with your close friends and family. More than that, even when you are by yourself, your home can and should invigorate your spirit, comfort your soul, and recharge your creativity.




You don’t always wear the same clothes, and similarly you shouldn’t lock your home into a single style. It should be a canvas that you can paint many different shades, and then paint again to suit your changing moods. And, as with all good canvases, it should be neutral, not dominant.


In practice, the best way to achieve this is first to open up the space between your rooms and paint the walls a light color, so that there is an easy sense of flow and freedom. The same principle applies to selecting furniture – the elegance of light, neutral colors and simple shapes, perhaps complemented with an occasional darker tone, provides an air of serenity and balance that serves as a perfect backdrop for your life. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t adopt a particular style – there are many cool and understated classics, such as Scandinavian Modern or Bauhaus – but the key is to choose a style that can adapt to your moods, rather than dominating them.


Speaking of canvases, carefully chosen fine art can also create atmosphere, especially if you choose modern art that resonates with the clean underlying design of your home. The official blog of Park West Galleries is a good site to get a feel of what different artists have to offer. Although people talk about modern art as if it were a single thing, it actually offers many different styles, from the abstract to the surreal, so take time to look and decide what appeals to you.





Once you have your canvas in place, then you can start to paint. For example, you may want to show a darker, more aggressive edge, in which case selecting cushions, vases, and other objects with an alternating light and dark geometric pattern can create this effect. Pastels bring in nature, and give a light, ephemeral touch to your home. Reds invigorate. The point is that you can change the atmosphere in a room as easily as you can change your own style. You aren’t locked in.


Remember, while others may look at you, you in turn spend a lot of your time looking at your home. It needs to feel good about itself too – so make a start today.



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