Using Self Storage To House Old Clothes


As fashions come and go, it’s often no longer practical to store the same clothes you used to in your home. But if there’s one thing about the trend, it’s that it’s constantly on the move. Clothing that might be unfashionable now could turn out to be highly desirable again next year, or in five years’ time, and it might plausibly be the case that you would want to hold on to your old clothing. Or, you may have clothing that has sentimental value that it would be a shame to dispose of. Whatever the reason, an increasing number of people are choosing to store old clothing and personal items in self-storage units for the short or long term.

Self-storage is a safe, clean and convenient way to store your old clothing – and indeed any other possessions you might want to get out of the house. The facilities are typically standalone buildings, which permit secure access around the clock for individuals looking to move their stuff.


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Inside, individually locked units are made available for rental on a short and long-term basis, depending on your specific requirements. Some people choose to use storage for a couple of months, whereas others choose to go long-term. Longer-term arrangements may be more cost effective on a month-to-month basis, but will naturally result in a more considerable expense when spread out over a longer period. However, by choosing the right storage space for your requirements, it can be possible to achieve both secure storage and the right price for the service.

Self-storage units are typically unmanned, or at most employ just one security guard-cum-assistant. This is designed to keep the operating costs as low as possible, without sacrificing the level of service available. From the consumer point of view, this means lower storage costs, and that you can access your storage space at a time that is most convenient for you. This makes it possible to treat your storage unit with virtually the same flexibility as a wardrobe, garage or attic space.

From a practical perspective, to find self storage space enables you to free up space at home, without having to resign your once-loved items to the trash. It may be the case that you own expensive items, or clothing for special occasions that you simply can’t keep at home. Rather than throwing these out, the costs of storing these accessories month to month is a much more palatable alternative for most. The same applies to those with massive shoe and handbag collections – you know who you are! Finding a secure space that is local to you means you can lock these items away for a future date, without concern as to their safety and condition.


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Self storage is a viable option for those who are looking to free up space in the home. Storage units come in a range of types and sizes to suit different budgets, and with a bit of research, it is possible to find the perfect mix between functionality and cost.


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