Spring Icon: LISA BONET

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After re-watching both Sister Act movie’s last month I am having a serious 90s moment. Truthfully I have been having a 90s moment for the last 5 years. During a down moment on the last shoot I was on (I am doing background work on tv shows now…more on that later) I pondered the idea of growing dreadlocks…mostly because I can. When I think dreadlocks, I think of Lisa Bonet. This led me on a bottomless Pinterest search…of awesomeness.
This spring it’s all about vintage t-shirt’s, high waisted Levi’s and my Adidas superstars. We already know I have too many backpacks so they will of course be part of this daily uniform. Dark red lipstick and we are good to go.
What’s on YOUR spring wishlist?


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