That New New (New New)

Confession Time:

I have like 12 blogs.
I have so many Tumblrs I cant locate the password for one of them because I think I deleted the domain the e-mail address was associated with.

*Le Sigh*

I have so many abandoned blogs because in the past I wanted to keep all the elements of my life sectioned off and separated. How could all the weird things I love and love to do mesh together and make sense? Well I guess they must mesh somehow because they are all the elements of what make me who I am.

I let fashion blogging fall to the wayside and filled these “pages” with sponsored posts, school assignments, and left draft post after draft post pile up. Unfinished and un thought of. I started a Tumblr dedicated to Game of Thrones, a tumblr of book reviews to fulfill 2015’s goal of reading 100 books (I think I read 10 or 15?), a fitness blog where I waxed poetic about spin class and my dreams, and lastly an emo blog full of private posts regarding my feelings. Mostly so I just had a place to let them out and then cry about it all afterwards.

Then 2015 happened. What a shit-show. I tried to combine three etsy stores and a fashion blog into one cohesive website/store then everything just fell to the wayside as I dealt with dental issues, and Etsy issues, and failure after failure. By the end of the year I was just trying to keep my head above water. Treading along, generally not being able to breathe. I don’t want to talk about all that lotus growing in the mud crap but all that mess led to some much needed clarity and by January of this year I finally felt able to purge.

#1: I let my vintage business go. My store was not working anymore and I had begun to hate everything about doing it. I tried a re-vamp this and that but I was left with no desire to pursue it, especially when new projects started to pull me away. Listing became a chore that I did not want to do and that meant productivity as a whole was down. I got rid of my storage space and sold off the last of my inventory. It felt sad and terrifying and liberating all at one time.

#2: I am letting my witchy flag fly. Tarot, candles, mediation, crystals, sage. the whole 9 yards. It works for me and it always has. This is my spirituality and it belongs to me.

#3: HAMILTON I spent 3 days around Thanksgiving  listening to the Broadway Cast recording of Hamilton and it changed my life. (This deserves an entire post so I’m just going to leave it at here for now and know there is an entire post to come)

#4: I’m back to acting. This ties in with #3 – coming soon

#5: I started to work on my family tree on complete with a DNA test.

#6: I am letting one of my biggest dreams die. (Dramatic right? This is also getting it’s own post)

Somewhere in there I decided I wanted my blog back. I started this blog almost 10 years ago to show off my daily outfits and thrift store treasure finds. It went off the rails when I started to sell vintage full time – mostly because I didn’t want people to know where I got my stuff. The world of vintage selling can be a supportive one but it is also crazy competitive. I tried to keep up with my outfit posts but it wasn’t my favorite part. I grew bored (just kidding, it’s cause I only wear sweatpants every day now), but still had (and have) an attachment to this little space I have created on the internet. So here it is being resurrected! At first I started drafting posts more of the same ol’ crap until I had an epiphany last night. I had created a tumblr (yes another blog) to talk about the research I am doing into my family’s history but I decided that maybe it belongs here as well. Maybe it all belongs right here in the little space I have already created. Where you can catch a glimpse into the weird shit I do all day, and who I am, and why I am that way.

So this is the new new me in the same old space.




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