Is It Time To Give Tough Mudder A Go?

It’s the season to create some personal goals. Well, it could be any season, as I say that all the time! Right now, I‘m contemplating a Tough Mudder. I fancy a challenge. I fancy new exercise clothes. And I fancy myself as a strong woman fighting through the mud to victorious applause.

What Is Thing Called A Tough Mudder?

Quite simply put, it’s a hardcore military-style challenge. More than likely, the hardest you’ll ever undertake. You’ll be put you through 10-12 miles of muddy terrain and taxing obstacles just so you can prove how tough you are. What I like about this event is that they don’t have winners and you’re not racing against anyone’s time. You have to have team members and it’s starting to make sense why. The idea is to support each other, fundraise for good causes and prove to yourself that you can rise to the challenge. The obstacles are team orientated (read heaving each other up through thick mud and dirty water) and really freakin’ hard. They promise 500,000 gallons of grade-A mud, 40 tons of ice, Electroshock Therapy and over 20 world-class obstacles. Are they insane? It would appear so. But they seem to be in good company. The founders of Tough Mudder call it a “butt-kicking” experience. And after my soul-destroying Soulcycle experience, perhaps it’s time for a new focus.

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Am I Tough Enough?

I guess none of us know until we get there. Figures say that only 78% get over the finish line. But if we do sign up to a Tough Mudder, we can definitely say we are brave. Running such a challenging course is going to take some preparation. And I don’t just mean buying some nice new gear that, let’s face it, is going to be too grubby to take home anyway. I’m talking about endurance training, weight lifting, healthy eating and trial runs.

Preparation is Key

What prep can you do? As we know, the event is all about teamwork and helping your own team and new friends up and across all those obstacles. You’ll need physical strength and mental stamina. Before doing such a challenge it’s worth training for at least three months. This is serious stuff! Incorporate running, jogging, weightlifting, skipping, push-ups and boxing into your new regime. Experts say that nootropics can give you more mental energy and focus, so it may be worth adding these to your diet too. Look out for classes near you that do circuit, obstacle and military training. You don’t want to be the only one at the event that can’t even lift one sack of sand. Try training outside, in the rain and on all different terrains. Use kettlebells, do quick-fire rounds of squats and work on your flexibility, agility and balance.

Is it Worth It?

Well, over $6.5 million has been raised for charity so far and over 2 million Tough Mudder participants seem to think it’s worth it. The question is; will you dare be one of them too?

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