Become a Makeup Pro With These Tips!

So, you want to become a pro at makeup. Whether you want to become an actual pro or a metaphorical pro, the tips in this guide will help you. Read on for loads of tips that will help you to improve your skills to no end:


Make YouTube Your Best Friend


YouTube really is a godsend when it comes to makeup. There are reviews and tutorials of all kinds on there, so you’ll definitely find whatever it is you’re looking for. Whether you want to get flawless foundation or the perfect cat flick liner, you can find it. Not only that, you’ll find multiple ways of doing it. There’s bound to be a way that will suit you. You can even practice and get ready along with the videos.


Practice, Practice, Practice


The more you practice, the better you’re going to get. If you can practice a technique every day, you’re bound to get better at it. Practice things you’re not so confident with until you’re better at them, then move on to something else. Make sure you feel positive about it. Thinking negatively about your skills will only hinder you. You CAN do whatever it is you want to do!


Do a Course


If you feel you want to learn some pro skills and get one on one instruction, do a makeup course. There are a number of makeup courses that will cover a range of skills. Whether you want to learn the basics or something more complicated, there’s a course out there for you.


Practice on Other People


If you want to consider yourself a makeup pro, you should be able to transfer your skills over to other people too. Can you do these things on others? Do you know how to flatter different face shapes and skin tones? When you start getting used to this, you’re pretty close to calling yourself a pro.



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Research the Best Products


Having the best products isn’t necessary, but they can definitely help. You can find some dupes and cheap makeup that does the same job, but having high end makeup usually produces a better result.


Use Tools to Help You


Having tools to help you create professional looks is a must. You’re not 13 anymore, so you can’t use your fingers to blend everything. It just won’t work! You need brushes and sponges to get the best effect possible!


Read Books


There are plenty of books on makeup and makeup looks to inspire you and give you amazing ideas. If you’re ever stuck for inspo, get your hands on a book or two. They’ll show you some gorgeous looks and you’ll always have something to turn to before a night out.


Anybody can become a makeup pro, whatever your skill level. It doesn’t matter if you can’t apply your lipliner straight at the moment, with these tips and plenty of practice, you’ll get so much better. Makeup is art, so get creative and have fun with it. Thanks for reading!


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