Bag Hoarder

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photo (1)I admit it – I have a problem. I love purses. I try to do a clean out of the bag pile every year and it usually requires the assistance of my little sister ( I need someone to tell at me and keep me in check!) however a bag clean out in may still
Leaves me with this huge pile of purses. I need to be reasonable.
My new motivation is: Growing up.
I don’t need all these hipster 90s bags and overnight duffels with safari animals on them- even camping backpacks. I don’t go camping why do I own camping gear 
Well maybe I do but it surely time to downsize some of them and it usually takes me a few go arounds. A girl doesn’t need 7 quilted chain bags that aren’t actually Chanel.
I will post more photos as the journey progresses.


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