Because I have been buying & selling clothes and accessories FOREVER  on every shopping trip I wind up picking something (or many somethings) up for myself. While these items basically become free after everything else is sold that doesn’t mean that all these items don’t take up a massive amount of space in my apartment.

While I am blessed with 2 floors, I still have all my comic con stuff, my Poshmark stuff, 3 animals, etc!


I do a fast closet clean every month and a big clean out between seasons, but lately things have gotten out of hand. I have too much. I could basically make a tent out of and go camping

with how much clothing I have!

The upside? I am inspired to write this 3 part series about how to purge your closet and life, and how to make room for new items so that everything you own is something you LOVE.

Imagine that?

November - December 206

Throwback Tuesday// Plastic Hanger Closet Purge Circa 2008

The first post will be up tomorrow and will focus on Clothing

We will then move into Part 2: Bags & Accessories

Part 3: Jewelry

See you tomorrow!

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