Release Your Summer Godess Without Breaking the Bank

The fact that summer is just around the corner, for many women, is met with a mixture of emotions. On the one hand there’s the great weather to look forward to and on the other there’s the fact that this also means slowly disrobing our winter wardrobe armor.


It’s never easy shedding the layers after months of covering up, so today we’re providing a step by step guide on how to make a seamless transition into a gorgeous summer goddess, cheaply and confidently.


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So first of all, it’s normal to put on a few pounds over the colder months. It’s actually not just normal but scientifically proven as a subconscious survival technique in order to get through the colder weather.


So we’re not going to bore you with techniques on how to lose those pounds. There are enough blogs on how to do that. Our belief is more about the importance of being happy and content in your own skin. Negative self-body image is higher than it’s ever been and that is incredibly sad as real beauty comes through health, happiness and inner confidence.


So regardless of those extra few pounds we may be carrying around we should all be able to walk confidently into the warmer summer months embracing our wonderful varieties of shapes and sizes. We are all different and gorgeous in our own way and confidence is the sexiest outfit of all.


Summer Skin Ahoy


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Now this is one area that is really important when shedding those layers and there are so many simple tricks to get your skin buffed and glowing and ready to face the world.


First things first. Exfoliation. Skin is much dryer in the winter months so using a light daily exfoliater is essential to shed dry skin to reveal your youthful glow underneath. You don’t need the top brands for a top exfoliation, in fact you can even make your own by simply combining coconut oil and sugar.


Understanding your skin type is imperative before investing in face moisturiser as it’s not a one-size-fits-all area. With skin care products becoming more and more expensive it’s important to know what your skin needs before putting your credit card on the table. Also your skin will require a much lighter moisturizer in the summer than in the winter.


Although skin care and cosmetics are becoming more and more expensive, there are also more and more fantastic deals circulating that you let you experiment with the cosmetics that work for you. Share these Bath & Body Works coupon codes and find the right summer products for you.


Shiny Summer Locks


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Our hair is also affected by the different seasons and so our beauty regimes must be adapted to the changing season. Protecting our hair from the sun is essential to prevent dry and damaged hair and split ends.


Why not give your mane a really healthy chop before the summer months so it looks its best. Taking a few inches off can strengthen hair which will help it fight the damaging effects of the sun.


A weekly hair mask will keep your locks shiny and manageable which will shave minutes off your morning routine trying to brush out the knots and kinks. A great overnight hair mask, that costs mere pennies is coconut oil. Using organic, raw coconut oil in the ends of your hair and leaving overnight, will keep your hair soft, strong and gorgeous.


It only really takes a little creativity and a touch of time investment to make sure you can stride your way into summer confidently, sexily looking great and most importantly of all feeling great.



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