Getting Back On The Road To Recovery

Getting hurt is something that none of us plan for. After all, how many times do we think it’s going to happen to us? We often read things in the news or hear stories from friends about unfortunate accidents that seem like they would only never come our way. However, you can’t always be so sure. While the likelihood of injuring yourself on a daily basis still is pretty small, all it can sometimes take is one slip up. You may accidentally consume something that seriously doesn’t agree with you and find that you are laid out for some weeks as a result. Or, you could experience an entirely different situation where you take the brunt of someone else’s mistake; such as being injured in a car crash, for example. Of course, if you’re still alive after it and with no life-altering injuries, there is certainly a lot to be thankful for. But this doesn’t mean that spending time away from your job and usual social activities while you recover is any more fun than it originally sounds! Depending on how badly you were injured the recovery process can take some time and you could even find yourself falling into bad health habits as a result of it. Here are a few ways for you to look after yourself during recovery from an injury or bout of illness.


Be mindful of your food consumption

If your injury or illness means that you are bedridden for some time, you will find that any calories you consume you struggle to burn off. This is simply because you are not moving around as much. If you are usually a very active person, living on a high carb and high protein diet to fuel your energy, continuing to eat this way while being pretty much sedentary will result in one thing and one thing only: weight gain. Instead, monitor what you eat and try and limit your intake to reflect your activity levels until you are back to normal.

Don’t stress

You may think that stress is merely a mental condition, but it can have an enormous impact on our physical health too. Stress weakens the immune system and can also interfere with our sleep, something that is paramount to injury recovery. If one of the reasons you are stressing out is down to your finances while you are laid off work, take a look at this Capital Planning,Inc. structured settlement review. Many people get offered a structured settlement as part of an injury claim, but don’t feel you need to accept it if it’s not right for you.

Avoid toxins

Things like alcohol and cigarettes can severely slow down your recovery. While in small doses they may not have a catastrophic effect on an otherwise healthy person, using them when you are already ill is a very bad idea. Steer clear of them completely and even when you are better again, try and avoid cigarettes and only drink alcohol responsibly.


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