4 Ways To Reduce Bloating

As a woman, bloating is something we cope with. At least once a month, you feel like you swell up like an apple and have to deal with the discomfort of tighter jeans and feeling a bit miserable. Unfortunately, you don’t just bloat up during your time of the month. Everything from chewing gum to eating food that’s too rich can cause you to puff up!

Fit Fat Body Calories Exercise Belly Female Diet
Fit Fat Body Calories Exercise Belly Female Diet

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There are a lot of ways out there that you can deal with bloating and make life a lot easier, but it does take some changes of routine and a healthier lifestyle to do it. Bloating is usually felt the most after eating and is caused by excess gas or disturbances of the digestive muscles. For those with stomach conditions like Crohn’s disease or those requiring IBS relief, bloating can feel like a permanent fixture in your life. It can also make you feel like you’re stuffed to the gills after a meal and it can also have the unfortunate effect of making you look heavier and feel sluggish. There are proven ways to help bloating, and we’ve listed some of these for you here:


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  1. Eat Little & Often. So much of the problem with bloating is people who eat far too quickly and far too much. Eating quickly allows you to swallow down air, which is a contributor to making you look rounder than you are. Instead of eating big meals, eat smaller meals and take your time to chew and enjoy your food. Take your time to chew your food, as well, so you can eliminate the feeling of being too full.
  2. Allergy Test. Head to the doctor and ask for a test of intolerances and allergies. You could well be eating foods that are reacting badly inside your stomach, setting off gases that make you feel huge. Common food intolerances are wheat and gluten, and this can have an adverse effect on your lower gut. Once you know if you have any intolerances, avoid these foods so you can enjoy your meals going forward.
  3. Give Up Soda. Soda is full of gas bubbles and swallowing these can lead to a buildup of gases in your stomach. By giving up the gassy drinks, you can eliminate the amount your stomach bloats up.
  4. Clear Out. Constipation is a common cause of bloating. Being backed up with waste will make your stomach feel uncomfortably full and bloated. Adding more fibre to your diet, along with drinking plenty of water can really help to clear your system out. when those options fail, you can take medication to help you go and you can also schedule regular enemas to keep your bowel and digestive system clean.


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Nobody likes to feel uncomfortable and swollen, and if you don’t take care of your digestion you will suffer bloating as a result. The first thing you should do is speak to your doctor, so that you can ensure there is no underlying reason for the bloating that you haven’t thought of, then go from there.


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