Bored of Water? Here Are Some Healthy Alternatives

Everyone’s heard that we need to take in at least 8 glasses of water every day to help replenish the water in our bodies. However, very few people actually stick to it because they know they can get water from other sources, such as from soups, teas or even soda. Water is perhaps the healthiest way to get enough liquids in our body, but it’s unfortunate that it tastes so bland and can’t really be changed much. If you’re concerned about taste and you find water to be too boring to drink, then here are a couple of alternatives that can offer even better benefits than plain old water.






There are so many different types of milk available in the market today and it seriously feels like we’re spoiled for choice. Even if you’re lactose intolerant, there are new types of milk that you can actually drink to continue getting the nutritional benefits without having to worry about the after effects. Whether it’s rice milk, soy milk or plain fresh milk, there are numerous benefits that come with drinking just a glass of milk every day. In fact, a single serving of milk contains roughly the same amount of calcium as 10 cups of spinach and also contains a lot of protein to boot. It’s a fantastic drink that’s riddled with nutrients, making it a great alternative to your usual glass of water.


Infused Water


If water was boring, then why not infuse it? This differs from the standard sweetened waters because the flavours aren’t as pronounced (or artificial). Simply take a pitcher, fill it with fruits or vegetables or herbs, add water, then let it infuse for a while. What you’re left with is water with a subtle flavour that is perfect for thirst quenching. If you add slices of cucumber, then it enhances the effect and adds plenty of healthy nutrients into the mix. This is a fantastic way to practice nutrient-focused clean eating as well.


Green Tea


High-quality green tea such as Ashitaba comes with numerous benefits. Green tea can help you lose weight, protect you from Alzheimer’s, improve brain function and tastes great to boot. It can easily be infused with some fruity flavours and it’s readily available, making it one of the most healthy drinks you could ever have. It’s a staple in many Asian households, and it’s only just started to make its way through other markets as a multi-purpose health drink.


Coconut Water


Coconut water is seen by many as a natural replacement for sports drinks. This is because it contains a relatively high level of potassium which is great for replenishing your body’s electrolytes. It has very few calories, is fantastic for weight loss, and can even increase your athletic performance. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that more and more people are switching to coconut water as their workout drink of choice. However, with all the nutrients and cholesterol-lowering properties inside a single glass, it’s becoming a regular drink for many people as well.

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