Turn Your Passion for Fashion into a Career

There are a lot of people out there who have a passion for fashion; because you clicked on this article, i’m guessing you do too. But have you ever thought about turning this passion of yours into a full-blown career? Have you ever considered changing career paths and pursuing the one that will bring you the most personal joy? If you haven’t, why not? Plenty of people turn their passion, no matter what it is, into a career — that’s how entrepreneurs are born! So, ditch the job that you hate, and hitch up with a stylish one that you’ll love. Read on to find out how to do so.


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Get in a store at entry level


Getting into a clothes shop — whether it is a well-known retail chain, or a small charity shop — is vital. Of course, the latter would be easier as it would be a voluntary role, but the former would be better as you’d be getting paid. Whichever route you thrust yourself down, however, you must be willing to garner all the experience you can when it comes to different types of clothes and how to deal with them. It will also always give you the chance to make connections with other fashionistas — if you ask the right questions and put yourself in the right places. Most importantly, it will go down on your CV as experience. So, get looking online for jobs, or ask about in stores, and get yourself in there. Getting into a store, whatever store it is, is your way of getting your foot in the door.


Seek a more demanding position


Once you’ve take the entry level position by storm, and maybe even been promoted to management in your store, it’s time to start thinking bigger. It’s time to start thinking about moving out of your store and moving away from your humble position. It’s time to start thinking about sourcing jobs. It’s time to start thinking about designer roles. It’s time to start thinking about branding positions. It’s time to start thinking big. Fortunately, the big players in the world of fashion are always on the lookout for bright, young fashionistas like yourself who are ready to take the next step in their career. Belk are one such company, and there are a host of careers at Belk that are currently open to applications. The one that may be of most interest to you, if you’re seeking to be taught in the ways of management and employee leadership, is Sourcing Associate.


Don’t waste your free time


Throughout your whole venture of trying to make a name for yourself in the world of fashion you should be doing as much work outside of work as you are in it. Specifically, in this day and age you should be focusing your efforts on becoming a fashion blogger. By doing so you will be able to add something vital to your portfolio: an obvious passion for fashion. And when the big time fashion firms that you eventually work with see this, they’ll instantly be drawn to you.


So, go out there and get your foot in the door of fashion and then begin to start taking steps up its career ladder. Just remember, when it comes to every step you make you must exert a passion for fashion. This means being on trend at all times!


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