Already a Healthy Person? Can You Get Even Healthier?

A lot of people are conscious about what they eat, how they take in certain foods and also what kind of supplements they take. Thanks to the internet, it’s become very easy to find things such as healthy alternatives to water, what they have to think about when switching to a vegan diet, and the types of exercises to do which will benefit certain lifestyles. With so much information that is backed by accurate research, it’s no wonder that everyone is getting more and more informed about how to live their lives.




People think they’re healthy, but are they?


Sadly, a lot of information gets filtered through the media and it ends up becoming false, fantasised or blown way out of proportion. Are you actually healthy? It’s hard to tell without having a doctor examine your body. For instance, someone can drink a lot of soy milk every day because they learned about the health benefits it has over regular dairy milk, but they’ll be shocked to find that it actually contains phytoestrogens, which is a chemical that has estrogen-like effects on your body. This could disrupt the hormonal balance in someone’s body and cause them to have various health issues.


The lesson to learn here is that everything has to be taken in moderation. Even water, something pure that can’t possibly be bad for us, can have damaging effects on the body if drunk in high amounts. This is known as water poisoning and happens if you drink too much water in a short time span. So since taking too many healthy things can have a negative effect on your body, what can we actually do to get even healthier?


Supplements designed for healthy people


There are some supplements, such as THE Rich Minerals lineup of 90 for life products, that are specifically designed for healthy people to further improve their immune systems and give them a good boost to their already good health. There are plenty of minerals and supplements that you can take that won’t do harm to your health, and despite what people say about taking too many supplements, there’s a small problem with that logic.


While it’s true that taking too many supplements can be harmful, the amount you need to take in order for your body to react in an adverse way is more than you’d think. In addition, the number of nutrients someone can take before it has a bad effect on their body depends on their body itself. Much like how different people take different amounts of protein to sustain their weight, you also need to take in a certain amount of nutrients in order to stay healthy, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a bit more vitamin C or D than someone else.


So how do you get healthier?


The answer isn’t something you’ll want to hear, but the truth is that you’re probably not as healthy as you think you are. There are ways to get even healthier and refine your body to a point that you have an immaculate immune system, but everyone’s body is different and there’s no such thing as being at the apex of your body’s health because it constantly changes. In short, keep exercising, taking supplements and eating healthily, and your body will thank you for it—don’t force it.

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