7 Ways To Ward Off Wrinkles


Old woman's hands with deep wrinkles and protruding veins tucked between her legs. She is wearing a bright green sports suit.
Old woman’s hands with deep wrinkles and protruding veins tucked between her legs. She is wearing a bright green sports suit.

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Want to stay looking youthful? Wrinkles can often be deterred through a number of lifestyle choices. Here are just a few ways that you can stop your skin from aging as rapidly.


Hydrate yourself


Wrinkles are largely caused by dry skin. When skin is moist, it is more stretchy and supple and wrinkles are less likely to develop. Drinking lots of water can keep the skin from going dry. You should be aiming to drink 8 cups of water a day and more when partaking in heavy exercise.




Our skin secretes an oil called sebum that also helps to prevent our skin getting dry. As we age, our ability to produce sebum is reduced. Applying moisturiser every day can act as a substitute for this lack of sebum. Start moisturising when you’re young and you’ll delay wrinkles even more so.


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Stay safe in the sun


UV rays from the sun may give us a nice temporary tan but are terrible for our skin in the long run. On top of drying out our skin and promoting wrinkles, too much sun exposure can cause conditions such as skin cancer to develop. Slapping on sun cream can help to limit the harm done by these UV rays. Sunglasses are also good for our skin – they prevent us from squinting which in turn prevents crow’s feet from forming on the corner of our eyes.  


Receive more retinol


Retinol is one of the best anti aging ingredients your body can get. It’s present in many foods such as fish, milk and other dairy products. You can also buy supplements and creams for your skin that are rich in retinol.

Cuisine Fish Food Salmon Healthy Lunch Avocado
Cuisine Fish Food Salmon Healthy Lunch Avocado

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Eat healthy fats


The emphasis here is on the word ‘healthy’ – fats in fast food are bad for your skin, making it too greasy and therefore prone to spots. Healthy fats are founds in foods such as almonds, avocado, walnuts and Brazil nuts, all of which can provide anti-oxidants to the skin. Omega-3 as found in fish is perhaps the greatest healthy fat, reducing inflammation in the skin, speeding up healing of scars and reducing spots and acne. This can all help preserve the skin’s youth.


Get more sleep


It’s when we’re asleep that our bodies find time to repair themselves. By not getting a good night’s kip, you could be stopping your skin from healing, causing it to age more quickly. A lack of sleep however can also result in puffy eyes, which can later turn into permanent bags. Trying to get seven hours sleep each night could ward off these unsightly wrinkles.


Pack in smoking


Smoking reduces blood flow to your skin. This stops oxygen and important nutrients from getting to your skin and so results in dryness, paleness and more susceptibility to wrinkles. By quitting smoking, you could save your complexion by allowing these nutrients to flow to the skin. Giving up smoking will also prevent yellowing of the skin caused by nicotine.


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