Why Paying $300 for a Shirt Doesn’t Make You Fashionable

One of the most obnoxious and pretentious things in the world has to be high-end fashion. While there are good cases to be made for well-constructed garments, there’s a difference between paying for something that is worth the money and paying for a brand name. In most cases, a brand name is synonymous with the quality of something. For example, if you buy an Apple or Samsung product then you’re going to expect top-notch quality because of the brand name. They can’t afford to harm their appearances because they decided to use a cheap material or something on their phones.


The fashion world, however, has high-end fashion where a single shirt could cost over $300 purely because of the brand name itself. Anyone who is passionate about fashion understands the difference between a well-constructed piece of clothing and something that just screams “brand name”, and it’s ultimately not worth paying 10 or more times the price for a stock shirt just because it has a brand name on it.




If it’s the look you want, then define your own style


Finding your personal style can be tricky especially when you have the public staring at you, but in all honesty, you shouldn’t care what others think unless you’re in a situation where appearances matter. For instance, if you’re going to work, then you don’t want to wear a multicoloured sweater when everyone else is wearing a suit. Similarly, you’re making an appearance at a casual club then you probably don’t want to turn up with a fancy suit that will just get damaged and make you look out of place.


It’s understandable that you want to fit in, but when it comes to your daily walk or just heading out to meet friends, then why not pick out your own style? You don’t need to conform to any standards, just wear what makes you personally comfortable. You can represent your favourite shows and wear a shirt that screams you’re a total geek for something, or you could wear something cute because it fits your personality. You can visit Jayli or other similar clothing brands instead of popular retailers to find unique garments that fit your style. Don’t let trends, stores and brands define what your style is—look for clothes that fit your needs and personality instead.


Trends come and go, just like fashion


Trendy fashionable items such as shoes and shirts will eventually fade away. Just because you’re wearing a shirt that cost you $300, it doesn’t mean that anyone is going to understand what it is or why you paid so much for it. It’s just a brand, at the end of the day, and most people aren’t going to be able to tell the difference between a real one and a fake.


Add to that the seasonal shifts in collections and your shirt is probably going to be forgotten and lost in your wardrobe in a few month’s time. In fact, if you wear it out in the open then you might even be seen as “old” or unable to keep up with fashionable trends, forcing you to keep up with the latest collections.


SImply put, buying fashionable items just because of the brand or because of the hype surrounding them is a terrible idea. It doesn’t make you fashionable and it sure doesn’t make you smart. Buy and wear whatever makes you comfortable instead.

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