Aw Hell No! Accessory Problems And What To Do About Them

If the clothes maketh the (wo)man, then it’s the accessories that maketh the outfit. That means they should be treated with as much reverence and respect as the rest of your wardrobe. Not just slung in a corner like a broken toy until they are needed again. With that in mind, here is a guide to help you take the best care of your accessories, as well as fix any problems with them. Allowing you to wear them for seasons to come.




There is nothing like a good necklace be it a statement piece or something more delicate. But what can you do when the piece you really want to wear isn’t looking its best? Read on to find out.


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Argh! The frustration of being ready to run out the door as soon as you put your necklace on only to find out that the chain is all tied up and knotted in a ball. So annoying, but did you know that you can solve this little conundrum with two simple ingredients?Yup that’s right a little oil, baby or olive will do fine, and some pins. That is all you need.


Although it is a good idea too to grab a tray as this will stop any mess. Then lay the knotted necklace down flat, making sure it’s unclasped and then apply a little oil to the knot, using the pin to work into the small gaps and loosen, and voila you have an unknotted necklace! Just wipe it down, and it’s ready to wear. You’re welcome!




Another necklace problem, especially if you are keen on wearing sterling silver is tarnishing. This when you get a black or green stain on your otherwise perfect choice, ruining its once pristine look.


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Luckily, although it looks pretty gross tarnishing isn’t the end of the world, and there are plenty of things you can do about it. The most obvious of course is to remove the tarnish as recommended by the jewelry store Evulfi, with a cotton cloth. It can also help to minimize any contact with damp or water, as this will only speed up the process and cause you more work in the long run.




Breaking your favorite necklace is no fun, let me tell you. Especially if it’s the only accessory that will complete the outfit that you have on right now. So, is it possible to fix them? Well, yes but it does help to know that there are two main types of break. The first is where one side of the clasp comes loose, the second is where the chain itself breaks, and it’s this latter one that is a little more complicated.


To fix a clasp, all that is really needed is to reattach it. Simple as long you have both the side of the clasp that’s missing and the jump ring. If not, you can buy these cheaply online. Use needle nosed pliers to manipulate the jump ring through the chain and the clasp, and you’re done.


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To fix a broken chain is not as easy but it can still be done. If you want a permanent fix, it’s likely to will have to take it to a jeweler’s though. However,  you can get crafty with a bit of invisible fishing line for a fast fix. Check out http://thenoblewife.blogspot.co.uk for the process in detail.




No outfit is complete without the right footwear, but what can you do if your shoes are causing you more problems than they should? Keep reading to find out.


Heels sink


We’ve all been there, had the perfect heels on that make our legs look killer and match our outfit down to a tee. Only to have them ruined by having to walk on grass where they sink in all the way up to the heel.

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So what can we do about this problem? Well, it’s more about prevention than cure, so if you are already at a wedding or a garden party, the best you can do is try and stay off the grass, and wipe up any damage that has already been done to the material of your shoes, especially if they are suede.


Although, if you know you are going to be in a situation like this, ahead of time you may want to try heel guards. These are plastic devices that attached to the heel of your shoe to increase its surface area. This redistributes the weight placed on them making it much harder for them sink into the ground.




They say pride is painful, but does it truly have to be? I say no, to being hobbled when wearing you most on trend footwear. So to help you avoid blisters and rubbing you can break your shoes in beforehand. Yes, this does mean wearing them around the house with a thick pair of socks! Not the most glamorous thing in the world, I will grant you. But it certainly does the job!


You can also use anti-rub products such as blister balm which reduces the friction between your skin and the shoe and so helps to stop blisters. Finally, if you already have a blister, then a clear blister patch can protect it and your shoe, maintaining any pain too.


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Looks tatty


Lastly, with regard to shoes, isn’t it just awful when your favorite pair start to look a little too old and worn to wear out? Maybe the soles and heel are starting to wear down and slant, or it could be that there are scuffs and marks that can’t be removed with a quick polish.


If it’s the former, then you best is to take them to a cobbler to get repaired. Be sure to not delay though, as if they have become too worn down it might not be possible to re-heel or resole them.


If it’s the latter, then one option is to give them a new lease of life by using some shoe dye, usually in a darker color. As this will mask any marks and scuffs, and still allow you to wear your favorite pair, few more times at least.





Of course, no fashionista would be seen dead on a night out without a chic bag to finish off her outfit. Unfortunately, just like necklaces and shoe, bags can be problematic as well. So keep reading to find out what you can do to fix any bag issues you come across.


The handles breaks


Unless it’s a clutch, the most used part of any handbag is going to be the handles. As this is what you use to pick it up and carry it around. That means they are more susceptible to breakages than any other area of the bag, and also render the item useless until fixed. But, can you fix it yourself?


Well, in a way you can, as long as you don’t mind a bit of designer inspired modification. I’m talking about replacing the handles here with a scarf a la Hermes. As this allows you to have a usable item and repair it for a price that suits your budget. You can also customize your bag with your own choice of scarves and even switch it up to match different outfits. Actually improving on the original item by making it infinitely more usable.


Wrong color


You know that designer bag you bought in the sale? The one that you love, but have never worn because it’s just the wrong shade of purple or red to be on trend this season? Yeah that one, go fetch and listen up!


You can transform said bag, and pretty easily too if it’s leather or a cotton material. For cotton bags, you can just use a washing machine dye. Although do be careful to remove any metal fixings before you do this.


For leather bags, you can change the tone by applying polish in your choice of color and then fixing it with a sealing product. If the bag is too bright a little black or brown, or the same colored in a more muted shades can work wonders. Again just be mindful of fixtures and fitting that you don’t want to get any color on during the process.


Zipper breakages


Lastly, something that can truly make your blood boil is when you have everything you need, your makeup, mirror, phone, and wallet in your bag, and you go to open it and the zip breaks! Sealing all of your essential items inside. Great!

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If this doesn’t happen to you, don’t panic though. Just head to the nearest store and ask them to borrow a paper clip. Then you can (temporarily) replace the zipper with a said paper clip, and this will allow you to at least open and close your bag while you are out. OK,  so it won’t look beautiful, and it’s not a long term option, but it will buy you enough time to get on with your day, then you can swap it out for another fully functional purse when you get home.


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