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The Secrets to Looking a Million Dollars (When You Don’t Have a Million Dollars)

OK, here’s a secret: those people that you see walking the streets, dressed impeccably, those with an air of affluence about them…they’re very rarely as rich as they appear. You know why? Because looking like a million dollars has very little to do with the size of a person’s bank balance. It’s all about knowing the hacks that’ll make you look inch perfect even if you don’t have the cash to splash on a new wardrobe. Below, we take a look at a few golden rules to ensure it’s the quality of your style that matters, not what’s in your purse.

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Spend Money on the Essentials


When you see someone “dressed well,” you’re not looking at their whole outfit. You’re just seeing a one or two items that are catching your eye, that’s all. If you have any money to spend, do so investing in a few “classic” pieces, such as a knockout dress, winter coat, or boots. Of course, there’s no one right piece for you to wear; what that piece is will depend on your taste of style. Once you have a few high-quality pieces in the wardrobe, the rest of the outfit will fall into place.


What’s in the Wardrobe?


And talking of your wardrobe, when was the last time you went looking through there? Fashions come and go, and what might have looked a bit dated last year might become a go-to piece for this season. Even if you go through your wardrobe and see nothing that you want to keep, don’t throw it away: one person’s rubbish is another person’s gold. Offer it around to your friends in exchange for something else. They might have something in their wardrobe that suits you perfectly!


Stellar Beauty Hacks


You can, if you so wish, spend a lot of money making sure your hair and makeup are flawless, but it’s much cheaper just to know a few hacks that’ll have you looking like a knockout without having to spend all your money. It’s all about focusing on three areas: your hair, eyes, and lips. For your hair, invest in cost-effective tape in extensions; they’ll ensure your hair always looks great. Beyond that, learn a makeup tutorial that’ll bring out the best in your eyes, and then find that killer shade of lipstick that’ll become your new handbag essential.


Shop at the Right Time


You won’t be able to get away with spending no money whatsoever. The trick is to spend your money wisely. If you’re shopping for new items the second they hit the stores, then yeah, you’ll need to have a lot of money. However, if instead, you buy second hand (people are always selling their old clothes, even ones they’ve bought just a few weeks before) and toward the end of the season, you’ll be able to pick up some bargains.


Finally, remember that looking a million dollars is about feeling a million dollars. There’s no substitute for walking around with bags full of confidence and a winning smile!


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