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How To Dress Boho Chic This Fall


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Fall is the perfect season for letting out your inner bohemian. If you’re just getting into boho chic, here are some tips for making this style work for you.

Look to the past

Boho chic relies heavily on retro trends, particularly from the 60s and 70s. Everything from maxi skirts to flares are in. That said, you probably want to refrain from going full-on hippy. Mix and match vintage clothing with a few new clothing choices that are based on retro ideas. The likes of www.shopthemasonjar.com/ have some great examples of such dresses. You can also consider retro accessories.

Dress loose

Tight clothing is a no-no when it comes to dressing boho chic. This means no skinny jeans, tight skirts or leggings. Think free-flowing when kitting out your wardrobe. Hanging jewellery such as necklaces and hanging earrings can help add to your overall style. This style is also a great opportunity to let your hair out. You can find guides on how to style your hair boho chic at sites like www.stylesweekly.com/.

Accessories are everything

Now is the time to try those big and bold accessories that feel inappropriate with other clothing. Consider big belts and quirky hats. When it comes to jewellery, a big pendant or large earrings can also work well. Feel free to mix metals. Meanwhile when it comes to your bag, consider earthy leathers and bags with tassels – you don’t have to opt for a typical hippy tote bag. Some people can go overboard when it comes to the accessories and end up looking like a walking jumble store. Try to keep to a maximum of two statement pieces (e.g. a big hat and a big belt) and keep the rest of your accessories subtle (e.g. thin necklaces and plain bracelets).

Choose earthy colours and textures

You want to avoid bright neon colours and plastic textures. These may feel too artificial and urban. Natural fabrics such as silks, leathers, denims, cottons and wools will suit this style much better. Keep them to earthy tones such as pastel colours and browny hues. Blacks and whites can work but make sure that they’re blended with browns and greens. For an autumn look, consider oranges and reddish browns. As for jewellery, similarly avoid plastics and aim for woods and metals.

Swap out heels for flats

Heels don’t match the loose-fitting nature of boho chic. Instead, when choosing shoes, opt for flat footwear. As with the rest of your wardrobe, keep it looking earthy and retro. Leathery and suedey materials are great for this look. Gladiator sandals are often associated with boho chic, but fall may be getting a little cold for this type of footwear. Instead consider moccasins and low-heel ankle boots (you may even be able to find some handcrafted ones on www.etsy.com). Furry boots are likely to be more suitable for winter, but there’s nothing to stop you wearing them on a cold fall day.  

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