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Be Proud Of Your Curves


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The media is constantly telling us how to look, what to wear, and want isn’t acceptable. But what people fail to remember is that no one is the same. All those slim, toned and bronzed celebs you see in magazines are, for starters, photoshopped. And they spend a lot of time and money to have their bodies look this way. Look at the Kardashians; each of them has had cosmetic surgery at least ten times.

And when you look at strong celebs like Zoe Saldana and Gal Gadot – they have pushed themselves and spent many hours (and a lot of money) with personal trainers to get the body they have in the films. Hollywood gives us an unfair view on our bodies – look at how much Christ Pratt has had to change to become Star-Lord, and how much he hates it.

It’s now time for you to love who you are – curves and all. Look at the golden age of Hollywood when Marilyn Monroe, a size 14-16, was the pinnacle of beauty. You are who you are, and no one can tell you that’s wrong.

Dress for your size and body shape. There are so many options out there for you to explore, and clothing lines specifically designed for the larger woman. You can also adapt some smaller sized clothes – use a waist extender on trousers, or learn how to let out seams on clothes. You should also think about what part of you to accentuate – curvy girls benefit from being larger in all the right places – so don’t hide it. We’re not saying to always go for the more exposing option, but don’t be worried about wearing something tailored and fitted.

While you’re out shopping, don’t let yourself dwell on the things you can’t fit into, and focus on what you can. No style is out of the question – you want to dress boho? You dress boho, and you’ll slay while doing it. Yes, there are some cuts that won’t be flattering on your body, but everyone has that issue no matter their size. Because everyone is different and don’t come in a set size.

When it comes to hair, you might find that playing with volume and curls really flatters you – it will frame your face perfectly and will show you pride at being big and beautiful.

Obviously, we want you to live a happy and healthy life, and being big does not mean that you can’t be healthy. A horrible misconception about larger people is that they do nothing and eat rubbish. The truth is that you can be just as active as eat just as healthily and still be curvy. There are some amazing and inspiring curvy women out there who win at yoga, who dominate the gym, and who dance ten times better than anyone else – all defying expectations and proving that you should be proud of your curves.

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