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Face Masks: Learning To Love Your Look

When you look at your face in the mirror, what is the first thing you see? Is it your eyes, sparkling back at you? Or maybe it’s your nose, the bridge of your face? Or maybe it’s the fact that you’re not smiling, because you’re looking at yourself in a critical viewpoint that you shouldn’t be. Whatever it is you notice about yourself, it’s time to change the way you see them.


When we really think about it, being proud of your appearance can take some effort. There’s a lot of thinking that goes into perfecting a style, whether they be positive or negative thought trains, and that means a lot of planning and preparation is taken in order to mask our faces from the world. This can make us feel better, or worse, but the thing is, we should only be proud of the art we can accomplish because of this. So here’s a few hints at how you can learn to love your look.



Using Makeup as A Face Mask


We can think of our faces as a canvas, and that means we’re immediately doing ourselves a disservice. Remember you have features, and they’re called features for a reason as they make you you. Trying to cover them up, or mask them, can be a little trick we learn after years of painting on our daily makeup.


However, you can use makeup both lightly and heavily, and it’s a mix between these two that is going to give you the best impact. When you have a ‘no makeup’ makeup look for the workplace, or at college when you have the time or energy to do so, you can really amp up your face when it comes to parties or big hosting events. It’s time to break out the sparkly eyeshadow and get that contour on point!


When someone sees you outside of your usual look, they’ll be impressed by everything you have to show. Plus, it gives you a nifty little confidence boost whenever someone has that ‘wow’ expression, or compliments you on the dress or the smoky eye you’ve been practicing specifically for tonight. Trust me, you’ll be getting a lot of those!


Smile for Yourself to Break a Mask


Being asked, or told, to smile by other people can get very annoying. In a kind of reaction towards this, whether it be from a stranger on the street or your own boss, we take to not smiling. So we need to remember to smile for ourselves when we get home.


As demonstrated by https://www.psychologytoday.com/, smiling is a little magic trick that is an instant pick me up. Smiling releases endorphins, and that makes us happier. Even just trying to fake a smile sends our brains the right signals. If you need some happy feelings stat, put on something funny, or listen to some music, and laugh and smile at them! It’s a good use of your time, and it’s some pretty good self care at the end of the day.


Use an Actual Face Mask


So there’s been a big use of metaphor so far in this post, but it’s been for a good reason! When we think of a face we show to the world, it is a bit of a mask, so emphasising that can help us break free from it.


However, using an actual face mask can work wonders for our skin. There’s been a lot of debate over whether or not a face mask can actually help you in a routine, but they’re not going to hurt you if you do use them. So you can give yourself more a healthy glow by painting on a clay mask about twice a week, and then gently wash it away before it starts cracking. If you let it sit for too long it can actually remove the essential oils and make your skin drier.


A lot of the time people don’t get the results they want from an actual face mask, and that might be for a variety of reasons. However, give yourself a quick wash before hand, and exfoliate to get those pores nice and open for the mask to penetrate deeper into your skin. After that, face masks are suited to any type of skin, so you can just pop any type on!


Targeting ‘Problem’ Areas


When we think of ourselves as having ‘problem areas,’ we’re not going to do ourselves any favours. However, it’s hard to get out of this mindset; so this isn’t really much of a mask problem, but it can be considered something we do because we don’t like our natural skin’s appearance. However, there’s a bit of a causal effect there, as taking cosmetic steps towards self acceptance can help us to be more confident about ourselves!


If it’s something you’ve thought through, and know would make you feel a whole world of good, there’s no harm in going for it. If you have some dark spots on your skin that you’re constantly trying to cover up, you can go in for some removal with services such as http://www.dore.sg/face-whitening/. It makes a morning routine easier, and it can make loving yourself easier.


Don’t think of it as becoming the mask, or feel bad because you can’t face yourself without thinking ‘that’s a bad area of my face,’ as this can double the guilt and make us feel even worse on our road to self acceptance!


Self love is complex, and can be extremely tricky to get right. There’s so many ways you can do it however, whether it be faking it until you make it, or throwing on a good coat and strutting your way down a sidewalk. Either way, there’s a lot of ways to do yourself a little favour every now and then when it comes to looking in a mirror, so nurture some good habits for a more self esteem to do and wear what you want.

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