Witchy Woman

Now that winter is here I feel like I can fully embrace my cozy witch side. When I talk about my “witch side” let’s be clear. There are so many types of witches. I am not a hiking in the woods, collect my own spell materials type of witch – I am a born and raised New Yorker, so I am more of a city witch, a hipster witch if you will.

I am talking about chunky sweaters, velvet leggings and booties, and black wool coats that can pass for capes. When I saw Shopbop was having their November sale I quickly filled up my cart with essentials that would fit my new girly goth moon worshiper asthetic (is that a thing?).

Here are some of my finds:

Jacquie Aiche Large Moon & Stars Ring

Spiritual Gangster Moon Stars Magic Tank


Onzie Las Lunas Leggings

Aquazzura Mira Plateau 140 Starts Sandals


The great thing about shopbop is they have something for everyone and it is so easy to curate the wish list of your dreams.

Whats on your wishlist!? Share in the comments.

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