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Winter Trends

Winter is one of the best times of year for fashion. It is a time when you can really go out looking comfy and warm, yet style it out to make it look extra fashionable. There has been some lovely winter trends so far this year, and as the weather gets colder, they’re only getting better. There’s trends out there to suit every body shape, and trends to suit every fashion style. No matter what floats your boat, there’s something out there for you. But we wanted to outline some of the best winter fashion ideas of this year so far to give you a bit of inspiration for your next look.

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White And Fur


We all know that white can be a bit of a risky colour to wear. All you have to do is spill one drop of food or drink and your whole outfit is ruined. If you’re out in public and far away from getting changed, this can be one of the most annoying things to happen to you. But, white also looks amazing, and something that is circulating at the minute is the white skinny jean look with a fur coat. Absolutely perfect for winter. Make sure the skinny jeans are super skinny, and go for a black plain T-shirt tucked in underneath. Then you want to try and go for a light brown fur jacket, the puffier the better. Light brown with a few tones of white and caramel mixed in just looks amazing. Finish the look off with Russian styled light brown hat, and some trainers and you’ve got yourself an amazing look. If the trainers are something like converse they will look perfect.


Dress And Accessories


This has long been an obvious fashion trend. But during winter you need to switch it up a bit if you want to try and keep warm at the same time as look great. For the dress, try and get a cotton jumper style dress if you can. There’s some great turtleneck bodycon jumper style dresses circulating at the minute that looks incredible. For the accessories, you want to look at this website for inspiration. Accessories always complete any look, so if you’re going for the black styled cotton dress, then a cute silver necklace and ring will look amazing. To finish the look off, try and get yourself a pair of grey knee high boots to contrast the black a little.


Classy And Comfy


The last one is the easiest one to pull off, the everyday wear look. Start with comfy. You want some nice black skinny jeans with some black chunky heeled boots. A white thick jumper to keep your warm is going to look lovely against the black. Finish the look off with a black long coat and you’ve got yourself the classy and comfy look. It is perfect for whatever you’re doing each day, and requires minimum effort to look good.


So, there are three winter trends that we’re sure you’ll love this season. Get to the shops and treat yourself!

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