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Style Yourself Gorgeous: Look Good, Feel Great!

The way we look and the way we feel really do go hand in hand. If you’ve fallen into a rut with your style and lost some of your confidence, thankfully there are ways you can change this. Perhaps you prom dress for comfort on more days than you’d like, or maybe a busy lifestyle means that most days your appearance is the bottom of the priority list. If so, maybe now you could take some time for yourself? Whether they are big or small changes you’re bound to feel more attractive, confident and even happier.

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Go To The Hairdresser

When life gets busy our usual beauty routines can slip- and hair can be one of the first places to show when we’re neglecting ourselves a little. Right now, bad weather combined with central heating can cause it to become dry and brittle. Skipping any regular hydrating hair treatments you do such as masks and oils can leave it prone to damage. If it’s been too long since you had it looked at by a professional, consider visiting the hairdresser. Try a new cut or colour, have extensions fitted or just have a trim with some hydrating treatments.

Experiment With Makeup

One way you can make a huge difference to your appearance is with makeup. If you don’t usually wear makeup, don’t feel as though you need to go out and spend lots of money on products. You could check out Youtube videos for budget makeup looks, and see reviews on cheaper items which you can get for a few dollars from the drugstore. Even a little foundation, some blush and mascara will make a difference and make you look fresher and more awake. If you don’t like it or it goes wrong, you can always wash it off!

Have a Little Work Done

Even the healthiest diet and the best exercise regime can’t fix certain issues with our bodies. Perhaps weight loss has left you with loose skin that you can’t tighten, or drooping breasts? Maybe your under eye bags are making you look tired or perhaps your lips have got thinner with age. Whether it’s a ‘lunch break procedure’ or something more extreme, look into information about plastic surgery and weigh up your options. If it allows you to put right a long standing insecurity, why wouldn’t you?

Buy Flattering Clothes

When it comes to clothes, it’s always worth bearing in mind that you should shop for the body you have, not the body you want. Even if you plan on losing weight, wait until you have reached your goal and then buy new clothes then. Otherwise you run the risk of wearing things now that are too small and ill fitting. Don’t pay too much attention to sizes since these can vary from shop to shop, you shouldn’t be squeezing into items where you refuse to size up as these labels don’t mean much anyway. Try on a couple of sizes and go with what looks and feels right.

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