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Keeping Up With Your ‘Adapted Lifestyle’ Yet Staying Thrifty



Staying fashionable and updated with the times is a purely fun activity. Let’s face it, while looking great and feeling confident is our end objective, it’s often the journey that we enjoy the most. Headed out with a girlfriend, drinking coffee, going shopping and grabbing a bite to eat is as central to the fashionista experience as trying on new clothes and wearing them to the evening event is.


As you adapt to this lifestyle through gaining a monetary raise at work, or simply experiencing it as something which you consider to be a core part of your identity (such as running a fashion blog on the side,) it can be hard to let this lifestyle go in times of financial need. But why should you? Everyone experiences difficult life circumstances from time to time. This could come through the means of a large bill, helping out a family member with a difficulty, or needing to take that impromptu romantic vacation and as a result spreading your funding just a little too far.


Are there ways to keep up with this lifestyle for the time being, as you sort out your financial woes? We’d say yes, and this is how:




Not all loans are evil and out to rob you of your precious income. With the right planning (such as before an expected income instalment or other secure dealing,) you can utilize this effectively to your advantage. Even if you have been on the rocks in time’s past, you can find signature loans for bad credit easily online. These can allow you to keep up with your daily obligations, keep treating yourself at the same pace or funding your online blog content, and then make the necessary arrangements as this once again begins paying off. It’s worth considering, because sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution.


Sell Old


Fashion, just like life, never stops changing. For this reason, old trends can die out quickly. Unless you have a warehouse to store your items for posterity, it’s probably likely that you may gain some income in selling those old items, particularly if they’re designer or have some other form of big name brand behind them. Offsetting the cost of your new purchases, even if temporarily, with your current possessions can keep your finances ticking over nicely, or at least plug the holes in your financial difficulty and keeping your lifestyle boat alive just that little bit longer.


Buy Old


Another benefit to following fashion is that old trends come back as quickly as they die out. While certain trends do continually crop up and become the most relevant, it’s not easy to say that we’re living in a certain ‘trend style’ as people might have in the 60’s, 70’s and upwards. Now, people see value in all decades, provided they adhere to some normal fashion staples. For example, double denim was a big no-no in the early 2000’s, and now it’s all of the rage. People realize that fashion is more of an individual effort than ever, so what’s to stop you from enjoying crafting your own look cheaply? Check out the charity stores, vintage stores and warehouse rack sales, you may come across some truly excellent garments at a fraction of the cost. While being on the high street is cool and is part of the experience, sometimes ruffling through the local warehouse sale can be just as satisfying.


We know that with the right outlook and desire to limit your spending, you can gain an almost identical lifestyle experience with a fraction of the cost. Sometimes, it just takes a little wisdom.


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