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Swimwear Shopping- Without The Hassle!

There’s nothing better than booking your summer holiday, it can certainly make a cold and dark February feel more bearable. You have something to plan for, something to look forward to- however, many of us swiftly come to the realisation that we’re going to have to get back into a bathing suit! A long winter and an indulgent Christmas means most of us aren’t looking our best, and so swimwear shopping is far from a fun task. However if you plan ahead and follow these tips over the next few months, by the time you come to choose your bikini or swimsuit you’ll be feeling far more confident!

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Keep Up Your Healthy Living Regime

In the new year, most of us vow to quit our damaging vices, exercise more, eat better and sort our our sleeping habits. However a few weeks down the line and when motivation is wearing thin, it’s easy to fall back into old habits. Dont! Use your vacation to revive your motivation, look after your body and not only will you look better but you’ll feel better too.

Consider a Nip Tuck

In some cases, all of the exercise and healthy eating in the world won’t help. If for example you have loose skin or stubborn pockets of fat, a cosmetic procedure might be needed to put them right. Be sure to weight up the pros and cons of plastic surgery, however if it’s something you’ve wanted for a while and will make you feel better about yourself then why not? If you don’t go away until the summer it gives you plenty of time to heal. It will boost your self esteem, and as a bonus swimwear shopping will be a lot more fun.

Visit a Salon

Trying on bikinis while you’re looking pale and hairy is never going to give you the look you want! Instead of putting on swimwear and trying to imagine how you’ll look once you’re sorted, get sorted before you go shopping. Many people find that being tanned makes them look healthier and appear slimmer so this is something you can try. Popping on a bit of false tan or getting a spray tan to show how you’ll look once you’ve been sunning yourself on holiday is a good idea. Have a wax or shave and moisturise before you hit the shops. It will make you feel more confident and it will give you a better idea of how you’ll look when you make an effort.

Choose the Right Swimwear

If you have a hangup about a certain part of your body, don’t feel as though you have to show it off. A one piece or tankini will hide your stomach, or a swim dress/ skirt will hide your legs or bottom. If you have a bigger bust size, ditch the string bikini and choose a wired top that will support you. Choose pieces that fit and flatter your body, rather than just what you like the look of on the hanger.

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