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Nail Your Office Chic With These Tips For a Polished Professional Style

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When it comes to your career, they say you should dress for the job you want, rather than the job you have. And while professional habits may not be dictated by what you wear, perception remains an incredibly important tool when it comes to impressing senior figures. It may not get you all the way in, but it could just open the door. So how do you polish up your style to look sleek and professional? Turns out its all about paying attention to the details of your look that can elevate it into something polished;


Do The Modern Match


The days of matching your shoes and your bag are definitely over, but the modern way to show that polished finish is to match your shoes with your lipstick. This subtle trick can bring a jolt of colour to monochrome office wear and looks really modern and elegant, plus it gives you the opportunity to experiment with some bold new lip colours.


Try a Jumpsuit


A jumpsuit is the ultimate throw on and go piece for busy mornings, and a tailored style can look super smart when worn with heels and a blazer. The perfect piece to dress up or down, a simple black jumpsuit is a perfect foil to a brightly patterned statement jacket.


Take Care Of The Basics


A polished style often comes down to covering off the basics that too often get neglected when you’re busy. Shoes should always be clean and unscuffed, and clothes should be ironed and free of dust and hairs – keep a lint roller in your desk drawer. Make sure you keep on top of cut and colour appointments to keep your hair looking neat and free from flyaways. Get a stunning smile with orthodontics and use it to full effect when you meet people. And schedule in a regular manicure to keep your nails neat, short and professional – save the nail art for weekends and stick with a nude or a dark red shade.


Choose Your Bag With Care


The ideal work back is a roomy tote in a neutral colour that can hold all of your essentials for the day without them spilling over the sides. Keeping your bag neat is one of those little, almost subconscious things that can signal to others that you have your life together. Use a handbag organiser to keep your possessions organised and easy to grab and remember to include an emergency kit with a safety pin, spare tights, a stain removing pen and other items to help out in the event of a wardrobe malfunction!


Tone Down The Accessories


Coco Chanel once said “Elegance is refusal” and certainly when it comes to maintaining a professional appearance, less is more. Be restrained when it comes to your choice of accessories – a simple, elegant watch or a small necklace is a far better choice than anything too flashy or distracting, such as bangles that make lots of noise when you move. The same goes for your perfume – people shouldn’t be able to smell you coming. Keep your fragrance low key so that people only get a hint of it if they come into close personal orbit.


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