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    The Williamsburg Resale Debate: Beacons Vs. Buffalo

    Living in Williamsburg can be expensive. The closer you live to the L train the more expensive your rent is. Add in all the adorable coffee and shops, delicious resturants, and cute little boutiques and your monthly paycheck will be gone before you know it. So it is nice to know that when you are strapped for cash at the end of the month you can multi task by cleaning out your closet to make a little bit of extra cash at one of Williamsburg’s popular and trendy resale shops. Beacons Closet and Buffalo Exchange are just blocks from each other so it is easy to hop from one store…

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    Tell me something better then a soft vintage sweatshirt with a leopard screen print. .Sweatshirt:Beacons Closet.CasioWatch:Amazon.com.Bracelet:Thrifted.Jeans:PaperDenimCloth:Thrifted. Probably nothing. Have I mention how OVER the cold I am? Well it’s snowing and class was canceled…and here I thought the last couple of warm days we’ve had meant Spring was ready to make its arrival. Yes my watch is a Casio and my jeans have rips in the knees.

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    Silly In Billy (Burg) 4.7.09

    Jeans: Seven For All Mankind (Thrifted) T-shirt: American Apparel (New) Hoodie: American Apparel (Thrifted) Bomber: H&M (New) Scarf: Thrifted Shoes: Minnetonka (New) Bag: Grayson (Thrifted) Spent a good chunk of Tuesday in Williamsburg. Dropping things off at Beacons closet and taking pictures with my new camera. I still get nervous about whipping it out in stores because I never know if I am allowed to. I know I will get over my fear eventually. Since Mondays and Tuesdays are my day off that is when I rest my eyes from my contact lenses and wear my glasses – the warmer it gets and the more my allergies flare up…the more…

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    Still In It….

    I can’t shake the black and gray. At every chance I get I am picking up pieces with bright colors and floral patterns but I still can’t shake the want to just throw on my black leggings with a long striped shirt or just something black. This week I will start my winter closet clean out – For 2 reasons. To prepare for the upcoming warmer temperatures ( I am keeping my fingers crossed) and because next weekend my roommate is moving out of our apartment and I am moving into his larger room. This also means I will begin to pull out more of my spring appropriate clothes and…