Is It Spring Yet Tho?

This weekend it was in the 60’s here in NYC and I came to the shocking realization that I don’t have one winter/spring transitional dress in my closet. I fixed that immediately with a quick tip over to to check out their awesome (and diverse) collection of Dresses

Here are a couple of the ones that would fit perfectly into my wardrobe for a seamless winter/spring transition:



I love sweats. I collect sweatshirts, and I basically live in sweatpants, so this dress basically called out to me. I can see it with sheer tights, leather vest, and booties for a night out. Or a pair of warm leggings for a trip to the grocery store. I love items I can dress up or down and I love the pops of white around the sleeves and neckline!


I am obsessed with babydoll dresses. I am short and these dresses always flatter my figure. I love this one because of the adorable cut-out detailing and the cute print. I would rock this with boots or high top converse sneakers.



Skater dresses are another favorite of mine. I would make this cold weather friendly by adding a belted cardigan and some opaque black tights.


What dresses are you dreaming of that can seamlessly transition from winter to spring?

Black Friday Blues (and blacks, and pinks, and reds, and golds…..)

I can’t believe this year is almost over! Now the holidays are upon us and my favorite time of the year! SHOPPING SEASON!

I am kicking off Shopping season with one of my favorite Black Friday Sales at SHOPBOP.COM


I am busy building the “easy” wardrobe of my dreams (more on that later). Where I can reach into my closet and just whatever I grab will be amazing. Therefore, this Black Friday season I am trying to keep it simple so I bought a belt I have been lusting after for awhile.


This B-LOW The Belt Bri Bri belt is so versatile I am so excited to get it.I plan to wear it over dresses, with jeans, and as a cinch belt over basically everything!


What did you pick up at the shop bop sale this year! If you haven’t checked it out yet now is the time! The sale ends on November 28th at 11:59pm!

Don’t Forget To Do These Things At Night (For The Sake Of Your Appearance!)

When we are rushing to bed at night, it’s easy to forget about our appearance. After all, the thing we care most about is getting some shut eye. But if you want to have a glowing appearance in the morning, you need to make sure you do some essential things at night. Here are some things you should be doing before heading to bed for the sake of your appearance!

Don’t forget to take off your makeup

It’s so easy to do, but leaving your makeup on at night is so bad for your skin. It clogs up your pores and can cause a dull complexion in the morning. And it says on, it can even cause acne and contribute to aging. Therefore, it’s so important that you remove your makeup before you head to bed for the sake of your appearance. Don’t just use water with tissues as this can irritate your skin. Stick to makeup remover wipes from the store which you can use to easily get rid of makeup. They go deep in your pores, leaving you fresh- faced by the time morning arrives. And if you have forgotten to get fully stocked, baby wipes work just as well. After all, they are gentle and soft, so that your skin won’t get irritated from the wipes.



Don’t forget to floss after brushing  

Although a lot of us do brush our teeth at night, it’s not always the case when it comes to flossing. But it’s so important if you want to keep your pearly whites in an excellent condition. After all, we tend to only catch some food when we brush. That means other food is decaying in-between our teeth during the night. And we could end up waking up with bad breath in the morning! As well as this, some experts believe flossing can help to fight the effects of aging! Therefore, it’s important to ensure you floss before bed. However, a lot of people hate the traditional floss string. If this is you, you might want to look into getting some form of water flosser from sites such as It can make the process easier and more effective than traditional string.

Don’t forget to brush your hair

If you head to bed without giving your hair a good brush, you will wake up in the morning with a load of knots in your hair. It means you will struggle to make it look nice before you head to work. Therefore, before you get some shut eye, make sure you brush it through properly. That way, you will wake up in the morning with hair that is much easier to style!



Don’t forget to apply a night cream

The night poses the most risk to your skin. After all, it’s easy for your skin to get dehydrated in the night which can cause it to get dry and irritated the next day. To ensure it doesn’t happen, you should use a night cream. It will soothe and hydrate your skin so that it looks great first thing in the morning.

Don’t forget to apply a lip protector which will ensure you don’t wake up with dry and chapped lips in the morning!

That Shopbop Sale Tho…

If you are anything like me (a shopaholic) then your SHOPBOP.COM Wishlist must be like 30 pages…it’s not? Oh well then you better get to “hearting” because my wish list comes in handy for filling my cart at times like these. What time is it you ask? ITS SALE TIME!




My Wishlist is kind of insane and I already have one package on its way to me (Cue the squeeling!) You have until tomorrow midnight (PST) To take advantage of these deals! I am still deciding between a few things but here are the goodies I have already picked up or am ordering tonight!

Total Fall & Winter must haves!


Post and let me know what you guys order!!

Bag Hoarder

photo (1)image

photo (1)I admit it – I have a problem. I love purses. I try to do a clean out of the bag pile every year and it usually requires the assistance of my little sister ( I need someone to tell at me and keep me in check!) however a bag clean out in may still
Leaves me with this huge pile of purses. I need to be reasonable.
My new motivation is: Growing up.
I don’t need all these hipster 90s bags and overnight duffels with safari animals on them-
Well maybe I do but it surely time to downsize some of them and it usually takes me a few go arounds. A girl doesn’t need 7 quilted chain bags that aren’t actually Chanel.
I will post more photos as the journey progresses.

Become a Makeup Pro With These Tips!

So, you want to become a pro at makeup. Whether you want to become an actual pro or a metaphorical pro, the tips in this guide will help you. Read on for loads of tips that will help you to improve your skills to no end:


Make YouTube Your Best Friend


YouTube really is a godsend when it comes to makeup. There are reviews and tutorials of all kinds on there, so you’ll definitely find whatever it is you’re looking for. Whether you want to get flawless foundation or the perfect cat flick liner, you can find it. Not only that, you’ll find multiple ways of doing it. There’s bound to be a way that will suit you. You can even practice and get ready along with the videos.


Practice, Practice, Practice


The more you practice, the better you’re going to get. If you can practice a technique every day, you’re bound to get better at it. Practice things you’re not so confident with until you’re better at them, then move on to something else. Make sure you feel positive about it. Thinking negatively about your skills will only hinder you. You CAN do whatever it is you want to do!


Do a Course


If you feel you want to learn some pro skills and get one on one instruction, do a makeup course. There are a number of makeup courses that will cover a range of skills. Whether you want to learn the basics or something more complicated, there’s a course out there for you.


Practice on Other People


If you want to consider yourself a makeup pro, you should be able to transfer your skills over to other people too. Can you do these things on others? Do you know how to flatter different face shapes and skin tones? When you start getting used to this, you’re pretty close to calling yourself a pro.



picture source


Research the Best Products


Having the best products isn’t necessary, but they can definitely help. You can find some dupes and cheap makeup that does the same job, but having high end makeup usually produces a better result.


Use Tools to Help You


Having tools to help you create professional looks is a must. You’re not 13 anymore, so you can’t use your fingers to blend everything. It just won’t work! You need brushes and sponges to get the best effect possible!


Read Books


There are plenty of books on makeup and makeup looks to inspire you and give you amazing ideas. If you’re ever stuck for inspo, get your hands on a book or two. They’ll show you some gorgeous looks and you’ll always have something to turn to before a night out.


Anybody can become a makeup pro, whatever your skill level. It doesn’t matter if you can’t apply your lipliner straight at the moment, with these tips and plenty of practice, you’ll get so much better. Makeup is art, so get creative and have fun with it. Thanks for reading!

Sweater Season is coming

As I am summer baby it is true that May-August has always been my favorite time of year, but as I get older I can feel that changing. This year in particular as I trudged through the streets of Manhattan in 90 degree heat I found myself longing for my leather jacket and oversize plaid scarf. In fact, I have already started buying  jumpers! *Gasp* The only question that remain is: What will my fall style be called this year? I have been doing a lot of background work and embracing my new career as a real estate agent so I need pieces that are versatile and can take me from a quick lunch with a friend to an apartment showing – and fast!

Here are some styles from SimplyBe that I am obsessed with right now (they have a great collection of  Women’s Jumpers)


I love a vest! This draped one not only has pockets but would look great belted over a t-shirt and jeans combo or a little shift dress.



A chunky knit sweater  is always a winner and this one is a little sassy with cut out shoulders in this great deep green color.


I’m obsessed with the retro vibe of this striped turtleneck. I am a big fan of anything that looks 1970s and this would pair perfectly with a suede pencil skirt (as pictured) or tucked into a great pair of dark wash skinny jeans.

What do you guys have on your fall wish list?

Vintage Fall Trends

One of my most favorite things to do at the start of every season is to go through some of my favorite websites and scope out what trends I am loving and see if I can re-create them with the stuff in my own closet (of course I am always looking for every excuse I can find to supplement my closet as well.) Going to London last week was certainly just what I needed to awaken and inspire the little stylist inside me  so I immediately  headed over to ASOS marketplace to check out some of my favorite vintage and vintage inspired items for fall.

1. The Party Dress: I love anything with cutouts and the bow detailing on this dress is amazing. With the holidays coming fast I am always looking for stuff to wear to parties – or just because.

2. Leather Skirt: I am still on the hunt for one of these. They are so cute and rock n’ roll at the same time – kind of like me.

3. High Waist Disco Pants: I am loving black skinny pants right now and High waist looks awesome with a cropped t-shirt

4.  Vintage Jackets/coats: I am loving Camo and denim right now. I am always looking for an excuse to keep every single one I find – I am also all about this studding trend and I think it looks so fresh on both denim and camo jackets.

5. Rompers & Jumpsuits: I am back on the shorts and tights bandwagon – this time I am incorporating rompers and jumpsuits into the mix.

6. Simple and durable Accessories: You can never go wrong with a leather satchel bag and some Dr. Marten Boots. Chic and stylish.

Collecting Refrence Material is Genetic?

Both my parents are artists and have folders and folders full of reference photos from all kinds of magazines they have collected over the years.
Today my dad had the below Jill Sander ad out as he was using it as inspiration for some project he is working on. The romper in the photo caught my eye as it is just what I have been looking for. My dad tells me the photo is pretty old and might even be from the 80’s. Figures.

Also sometimes I forget where I live – until I pass things like this on my walk to the subway.

How To Create A Pretty Home For Fall

As the seasons change, so do trends. Fall brings with it typical scenes of warm, berry-like tones, wool and fur and general coziness. But don’t let this trend be purely restricted to your wardrobe. There’s nothing like a warm, inviting home when the weather starts to cool and the nights get darker. In fact, cozy nights spent in your home with a good book and a cup of tea are one of life’s little pleasures. Read on to find out how to turn your home into a fall-inspired haven.


Image source

Keeping it warm

Unless you live in the sunshine state, it’s fairly likely that the weather will start to get colder for you around October. Ideally, your home will already be pretty well insulated. Double glazed windows, for example, are a must for keeping your home safe from the elements. But if you’re still feeling a chill during the evening, there are steps you can take to keep yourself toasty. If you are feeling a draught come through any of your windows or doors, install a thick, heavy duty curtain across the offending area. When you pull it across, it will shield you from any draughts and subsequently keep your home warmer. Plus, they can look pretty decorative too. Velvet is a good option for this. Blankets and throws are also an essential for fall, and you can combine different colours and materials for that rustic look. If you’re really feeling the chill, consider getting an electric blanket.

Image source

Perfect your lighting

Harsh, white lighting doesn’t tend to scream ‘cosy’. The brighter the light is, the more likely it will keep you awake – not ideal when you’re trying to wind down before bed. Avoid using a ceiling light (which will be designed to light up the whole room) and invest in some small table lamps instead. With the use of a discount, such as a Bealls Promo Code, you can get some cute lamps for reasonable prices. That way, you can control the amount of light you have in your room, which closely relates to the ambiance. Candles are also a great option during fall and can make your house smell great. They really set the scene for a night of pampering. Both tea lights and larger candles are great for decorating a room and you can get some beautiful holders for them too. If you’re wary of the dangers posed by a naked flame, consider getting an electric candle instead.


Image source

Get cozy with cushions

There’s nothing quite like having a comfy sofa to sink into after a long day’s work. Pick an autumnal colour theme and stick to it when buying some new cushions, or cushion covers. Warm colours such as reds, oranges, pinks and browns tend to work best for this look. The good thing about fall is that less is not necessarily more – so you can mix and match your cushions to your heart’s content. Additionally, having an excess number of cushions can be perfect for when you have guests round. Instead of sitting on hard kitchen chairs, or all squashing up on one sofa, your guests can get comfy on a floor full of cushions!