Face Masks: Learning To Love Your Look

When you look at your face in the mirror, what is the first thing you see? Is it your eyes, sparkling back at you? Or maybe it’s your nose, the bridge of your face? Or maybe it’s the fact that you’re not smiling, because you’re looking at yourself in a critical viewpoint that you shouldn’t be. Whatever it is you notice about yourself, it’s time to change the way you see them.


When we really think about it, being proud of your appearance can take some effort. There’s a lot of thinking that goes into perfecting a style, whether they be positive or negative thought trains, and that means a lot of planning and preparation is taken in order to mask our faces from the world. This can make us feel better, or worse, but the thing is, we should only be proud of the art we can accomplish because of this. So here’s a few hints at how you can learn to love your look.



Using Makeup as A Face Mask


We can think of our faces as a canvas, and that means we’re immediately doing ourselves a disservice. Remember you have features, and they’re called features for a reason as they make you you. Trying to cover them up, or mask them, can be a little trick we learn after years of painting on our daily makeup.


However, you can use makeup both lightly and heavily, and it’s a mix between these two that is going to give you the best impact. When you have a ‘no makeup’ makeup look for the workplace, or at college when you have the time or energy to do so, you can really amp up your face when it comes to parties or big hosting events. It’s time to break out the sparkly eyeshadow and get that contour on point!


When someone sees you outside of your usual look, they’ll be impressed by everything you have to show. Plus, it gives you a nifty little confidence boost whenever someone has that ‘wow’ expression, or compliments you on the dress or the smoky eye you’ve been practicing specifically for tonight. Trust me, you’ll be getting a lot of those!


Smile for Yourself to Break a Mask


Being asked, or told, to smile by other people can get very annoying. In a kind of reaction towards this, whether it be from a stranger on the street or your own boss, we take to not smiling. So we need to remember to smile for ourselves when we get home.


As demonstrated by https://www.psychologytoday.com/, smiling is a little magic trick that is an instant pick me up. Smiling releases endorphins, and that makes us happier. Even just trying to fake a smile sends our brains the right signals. If you need some happy feelings stat, put on something funny, or listen to some music, and laugh and smile at them! It’s a good use of your time, and it’s some pretty good self care at the end of the day.


Use an Actual Face Mask


So there’s been a big use of metaphor so far in this post, but it’s been for a good reason! When we think of a face we show to the world, it is a bit of a mask, so emphasising that can help us break free from it.


However, using an actual face mask can work wonders for our skin. There’s been a lot of debate over whether or not a face mask can actually help you in a routine, but they’re not going to hurt you if you do use them. So you can give yourself more a healthy glow by painting on a clay mask about twice a week, and then gently wash it away before it starts cracking. If you let it sit for too long it can actually remove the essential oils and make your skin drier.


A lot of the time people don’t get the results they want from an actual face mask, and that might be for a variety of reasons. However, give yourself a quick wash before hand, and exfoliate to get those pores nice and open for the mask to penetrate deeper into your skin. After that, face masks are suited to any type of skin, so you can just pop any type on!


Targeting ‘Problem’ Areas


When we think of ourselves as having ‘problem areas,’ we’re not going to do ourselves any favours. However, it’s hard to get out of this mindset; so this isn’t really much of a mask problem, but it can be considered something we do because we don’t like our natural skin’s appearance. However, there’s a bit of a causal effect there, as taking cosmetic steps towards self acceptance can help us to be more confident about ourselves!


If it’s something you’ve thought through, and know would make you feel a whole world of good, there’s no harm in going for it. If you have some dark spots on your skin that you’re constantly trying to cover up, you can go in for some removal with services such as http://www.dore.sg/face-whitening/. It makes a morning routine easier, and it can make loving yourself easier.


Don’t think of it as becoming the mask, or feel bad because you can’t face yourself without thinking ‘that’s a bad area of my face,’ as this can double the guilt and make us feel even worse on our road to self acceptance!


Self love is complex, and can be extremely tricky to get right. There’s so many ways you can do it however, whether it be faking it until you make it, or throwing on a good coat and strutting your way down a sidewalk. Either way, there’s a lot of ways to do yourself a little favour every now and then when it comes to looking in a mirror, so nurture some good habits for a more self esteem to do and wear what you want.

Be Proud Of Your Curves



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The media is constantly telling us how to look, what to wear, and want isn’t acceptable. But what people fail to remember is that no one is the same. All those slim, toned and bronzed celebs you see in magazines are, for starters, photoshopped. And they spend a lot of time and money to have their bodies look this way. Look at the Kardashians; each of them has had cosmetic surgery at least ten times.


And when you look at strong celebs like Zoe Saldana and Gal Gadot – they have pushed themselves and spent many hours (and a lot of money) with personal trainers to get the body they have in the films. Hollywood gives us an unfair view on our bodies – look at how much Christ Pratt has had to change to become Star-Lord, and how much he hates it.


It’s now time for you to love who you are – curves and all. Look at the golden age of Hollywood when Marilyn Monroe, a size 14-16, was the pinnacle of beauty. You are who you are, and no one can tell you that’s wrong.


Dress for your size and body shape. There are so many options out there for you to explore, and clothing lines specifically designed for the larger woman. You can also adapt some smaller sized clothes – use a waist extender on trousers, or learn how to let out seams on clothes. You should also think about what part of you to accentuate – curvy girls benefit from being larger in all the right places – so don’t hide it. We’re not saying to always go for the more exposing option, but don’t be worried about wearing something tailored and fitted.


While you’re out shopping, don’t let yourself dwell on the things you can’t fit into, and focus on what you can. No style is out of the question – you want to dress boho? You dress boho, and you’ll slay while doing it. Yes, there are some cuts that won’t be flattering on your body, but everyone has that issue no matter their size. Because everyone is different and don’t come in a set size.


When it comes to hair, you might find that playing with volume and curls really flatters you – it will frame your face perfectly and will show you pride at being big and beautiful.


Obviously, we want you to live a happy and healthy life, and being big does not mean that you can’t be healthy. A horrible misconception about larger people is that they do nothing and eat rubbish. The truth is that you can be just as active as eat just as healthily and still be curvy. There are some amazing and inspiring curvy women out there who win at yoga, who dominate the gym, and who dance ten times better than anyone else – all defying expectations and proving that you should be proud of your curves.


Little Fashion Problems For Little Fashionable Ladies

Shorter ladies are cuter ladies. There’s no denying there are plenty of benefits to being on the more petite side. However, there are also the drawbacks. Top shelves are an issue. But more of a problem is looking trendy without looking like you’re half your age. Getting asked for ID only remains flattering for so long. So, what do you do to solve the problem and look like the full-grown woman you are?


Picture sourced by Kristina Paukshitte

Celebrate your shape

You’re a grown woman, so why not show it off a little? This doesn’t mean you have to always go for the more exposing option, but fitting your clothing to your figure can immediately make you look a lot more womanly. As Live About shows, there are plenty of different body shapes even for the smaller woman. A good tip, in general, however, is to always cinch above the waist. Beyond emphasizing some of your feminine aspects, it has the added benefit of adding a little more length to your legs.


Picture sourced by Pixabay

A little class goes a long way

Most women fight to dress in a way that makes them look younger, whereas you might very well have the opposite problem. Nothing shows maturity like a touch of class. For this reason, unless you want to look cute and current, it’s worth avoiding the graphic tee. A great accessory can add a lot of sophistication, too. The right eyewear, in particular, a good pair of shades, can make a big difference. A bold statement with a fragrant perfume that isn’t too saccharine can immediately add the air of a woman who knows what she’s all about, too.


Picture sourced by Scott Webb

Shoes make a big, big difference

Opting for the kids’ sizes can definitely help you find clothes that fit you perfectly. While it might sting the pride, it’s an option worth considering. Except when it comes to footwear. Sure, a pair of kids’ size sneakers is fine for when you’re not too fussy about appearing like the classy lady like you are. However, when it comes to more mature flats and the godsend that is the height-adding heel, then it’s worth looking at designers particularly for the more petite lady like Pretty Small Shoes. Otherwise, it can be difficult finding the fancy footwear to complete your look.


Picture sourced by Pixabay

Don’t overdo it

You might want to look more mature to offset your natural tininess, but if that’s all you focus on, you risk over-egging the pudding and coming off as old-fashioned, instead. Again, the fit is the big issue. If you forego tailoring on all your clothes and choose only loose, baggy materials, you risk looking more conservative, and thus much older. Similarly, putting in a little too much work on the face, especially making your eyebrows too thin, can add a severe, aged profile.

Being short comes with its challenges. Some of them can be solved with a footstool. Otherwise, looking like a glamorous, sexy lady should definitely not be one of them. The tips above are going to solve that particular conundrum for you.


The Essential Items Every Fashionista Needs In Her Fall/Winter Wardrobe

Fashion might change with the season, but style is forever. Being able to piece together a show-stopping look is an art – one that’s made easier by having a few fashion staples in your wardrobe. The fall/winter season is a great one for fashion, with the chance to play with different accessories to create timeless, enviable looks. To make sure you always step out the door in style, here are some of the essential pieces every fashionista should have in her fall/winter wardrobe.



Photo: Pexels

The over-the-knee boot

The over-the-knee boot (or the thigh-high if you dare), is one of those looks that has stood the test of time, with many cool ways to wear the trend. Perfect with a sweater dress for cozy daytime chic or paired with a sexy black dress for cocktail hour – your over-the-knee boots will make your look. Choose a classic color like black or tan for an item you can pull on time and time again whenever you want an instant style injection.

The leather jacket

You don’t have to be a biker chick to wear a leather jacket well. As one item that will improve as it ages, your leather jacket will continue to look good year after year. Investing in a high-quality leather jacket from retailers like Evans Furs and Leathers will ensure you get a well-made garment and expert advice on care. A cool way to funk-up a pretty dress or complete an off-duty casual style, your leather jacket will be a reliable addition during the fall and winter months.

The perfect chunky knit

As it gets darker and colder outside, you’re likely to want to wrap up warm and be cozy wherever you are. A chunky knit adds instant comfort to your look but is also a major style favorite of fashionistas everywhere. Opt for oversized styles that can be worn alone, with jeans or to lounge around the house in multiple colors to match with your wardrobe. It sometimes pays to search the men’s section for the best styles that achieve the same on-trend look without the price tag that some women’s brands might charge.

A cross-body bag

What’s the one item a fashion blogger can’t live without? The cross-body bag. Perfect for completing an outfit, a cross-body bag or satchel is a timeless classic that is worth the investment you pay for it. If you choose to invest in a designer bag, the cross-body is one of the most versatile styles you can own that you can call on time and time again to create a great look. Worn with your off-duty style or with your favorite party dress, the cross-body is ideal for winter and will keep your hands free for those warming pumpkin-spiced lattes.


While every season brings with it a whole new set of trends, there are some things that will never go out of style. Investing in some staple items for your fall/winter wardrobe means you’ll always have reliable pieces that can make trends easier to pull off while keeping your basics looking polished. Build your essential fall/winter wardrobe with these great fashion essentials and get ready for your most stylish season yet.


Natural Ways You Can Enjoy Your Favorite Things

We all have simple pleasures that we love to indulge in. Maybe yours is eating chocolate or putting your makeup on in the morning. The problem is, with so many different products around today, it can be hard to tell which ones are good for you. You might enjoy doing something, but perhaps you want to do it in a more natural way. No matter what helps to relax you or sends a zing of pleasure through you, you can find healthier and more eco-friendly ways to do it. Have a look at these tips to change your way of doing things.


Pampering Yourself


Getting a chance to sit back and relax isn’t something that happens often. When you have a busy life, you have to make time for pampering yourself. If you love soaking in the bath or getting a facial, it’s a fantastic way for you to relax and let go of some stress. But plenty of the products you use for pampering yourself could have unwelcome ingredients. If you want to make sure you’re kind to your skin, as well as your hair and nails, you should look into more natural beauty products. There are lots of ranges that use simple and natural ingredients so you can avoid anything harmful.


Link to source at Pixabay


Drinking Juice and Flavored Drinks


Many people don’t want to drink water all the time. They want something that tastes good, instead of a drink that doesn’t taste of much at all. So you might enjoy having a soda or a juice when you’re thirsty. But many drinks can be full of sugar and have lots of additives in too. For a more natural approach, the best bottled water is flavored with natural fruit flavorings. So you get the benefit of drinking water without the boring taste. You need to watch out for anything that uses sweeteners instead of sugar because they can use artificial sweeteners. But the best drinks use natural ones for a great taste.




For some people, spending time in the kitchen is a nightmare. However, plenty of people love to cook and use it as a way to relax and have fun. And one of the best things about cooking is that you get to eat what you’ve made afterward. But if you’re thinking of being more health-conscious and taking more of a natural approach to life, you might want to reconsider the way you cook. One thing to think about is the pre-prepared ingredients that you use. Do you know what’s really in them? There are likely some more natural alternatives. You can also think about switching to organic ingredients to help you avoid pesticides and other unwanted things.


Wearing Makeup


Putting your makeup on can be pretty relaxing too. Even if you don’t find it relaxing to apply, wearing it can make you feel good. However, like with bath products, you can find that you might be putting things on your face that you would prefer not to have on your skin. If you want more natural makeup, perhaps try a range that uses minerals and avoids using ingredients that could be bad for your skin.


More natural ways to do things are good for you and good for the environment. There are nearly always options to improve your favorite things.

How To Dress Boho Chic This Fall


Image Source


Fall is the perfect season for letting out your inner bohemian. If you’re just getting into boho chic, here are some tips for making this style work for you.


Look to the past


Boho chic relies heavily on retro trends, particularly from the 60s and 70s. Everything from maxi skirts to flares are in. That said, you probably want to refrain from going full-on hippy. Mix and match vintage clothing with a few new clothing choices that are based on retro ideas. The likes of www.shopthemasonjar.com/ have some great examples of such dresses. You can also consider retro accessories.


Dress loose


Tight clothing is a no-no when it comes to dressing boho chic. This means no skinny jeans, tight skirts or leggings. Think free-flowing when kitting out your wardrobe. Hanging jewellery such as necklaces and hanging earrings can help add to your overall style. This style is also a great opportunity to let your hair out. You can find guides on how to style your hair boho chic at sites like www.stylesweekly.com/.


Accessories are everything


Now is the time to try those big and bold accessories that feel inappropriate with other clothing. Consider big belts and quirky hats. When it comes to jewellery, a big pendant or large earrings can also work well. Feel free to mix metals. Meanwhile when it comes to your bag, consider earthy leathers and bags with tassels – you don’t have to opt for a typical hippy tote bag. Some people can go overboard when it comes to the accessories and end up looking like a walking jumble store. Try to keep to a maximum of two statement pieces (e.g. a big hat and a big belt) and keep the rest of your accessories subtle (e.g. thin necklaces and plain bracelets).


Choose earthy colours and textures


You want to avoid bright neon colours and plastic textures. These may feel too artificial and urban. Natural fabrics such as silks, leathers, denims, cottons and wools will suit this style much better. Keep them to earthy tones such as pastel colours and browny hues. Blacks and whites can work but make sure that they’re blended with browns and greens. For an autumn look, consider oranges and reddish browns. As for jewellery, similarly avoid plastics and aim for woods and metals.


Swap out heels for flats


Heels don’t match the loose-fitting nature of boho chic. Instead, when choosing shoes, opt for flat footwear. As with the rest of your wardrobe, keep it looking earthy and retro. Leathery and suedey materials are great for this look. Gladiator sandals are often associated with boho chic, but fall may be getting a little cold for this type of footwear. Instead consider moccasins and low-heel ankle boots (you may even be able to find some handcrafted ones on www.etsy.com). Furry boots are likely to be more suitable for winter, but there’s nothing to stop you wearing them on a cold fall day.  


How to Choose Clothes for a Holiday

Hamburg White Dress Model Pier Woman Fashion

Hamburg White Dress Model Pier Woman Fashion

Image via Max Pixel


Going away on vacation is easily one of the greatest experiences to be had. Seeing beautiful new places, meeting interesting new people, trying delicious new food, getting away from work, and of course, trying on cute new outfits.

What could be better!

The only issue is… how do you decide which clothes to take with you on the trip?

Here are a few simple questions to help you decide.


What’s your “style template” for the trip?


Do you have a “style” you’d like to embody on your trip? Elegant city explorer and socialite? Wilderness adventurer and lady-Indiana-Jones? If you don’t, you probably should!

One of the easiest and most fun ways of deciding what to pack for a trip is imagining yourself as a character in a movie or book, and coordinating all your outfits accordingly. This can also a be a great excuse for some last-minute shopping, whether it be a pair of new hiking boots from ShoeFinale, or an elegant new dress from Simply Dresses. It’s all about feeling good on your trip.

Take some time to think of who you’d like to be for your vacation and brainstorm how that person would dress. This is also a great way of removing yourself from the normal stresses and preoccupations of day-to-day life.


Do you want to stand out or blend in?

The next question to ask yourself is simply, “do you want to blend in or stand out?” There’s an interesting dimension to this question, because one of the ways to work out your style template for the trip is to investigate the style and fashion of the area you’ll be visiting, and to pay homage to that with your own outfit.

This, of course, is also a great excuse to visit the local shops and markets and get yourself some authentic and exotic new accessories.

On the flipside, you could dress yourself up specifically to stand out.

Like being the center of attention? Then wearing that bold dress you’ve been keeping in your wardrobe all year might be just what the doctor ordered.


What’s the weather going to be like?


Here’s an obvious point; you’ll want to pack clothes which are appropriate for the climate of the place you’ll be visiting. It wouldn’t be a great idea to go on a seaside visit to the south of France in mid-summer, with a suitcase full of heavy sweaters, thick jackets, and jeans.

Likewise, you wouldn’t want to visit Alaska in the winter and have nothing but crop tops and shorts in your luggage.

Those are some pretty over-the-top examples, but it really does pay to spend a while Googling what the weather’s likely to be like at your target destination, during your visit. You might be surprised to learn that Sweden can be pretty cold in summer, or that snow seldom ever falls during an English winter.


What kind of activities will you get up to?

Following on the theme of practicality, there’s just no way to get around the fact that you need to take appropriate clothes for the kinds of activities you’ll be getting up to. This means that you’ll have to spend some time thinking about just what kind of activities you’re likely to get up to in the first place.

Will you spend all your time enjoying espressos and art galleries in Florence? Or are you more likely to disappear into the mountains on long hikes every day?

Of course, there’s no reason you can’t do both – and it’s probably good to pack at least one “active” and one “formal” outfit anyway, just in case.

But it sure helps to know whether to bring seven evening gowns with or not.



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The Secrets to Looking a Million Dollars (When You Don’t Have a Million Dollars)

OK, here’s a secret: those people that you see walking the streets, dressed impeccably, those with an air of affluence about them…they’re very rarely as rich as they appear. You know why? Because looking like a million dollars has very little to do with the size of a person’s bank balance. It’s all about knowing the hacks that’ll make you look inch perfect even if you don’t have the cash to splash on a new wardrobe. Below, we take a look at a few golden rules to ensure it’s the quality of your style that matters, not what’s in your purse.

pexels-photo-206470 (1)

Source: Pexels.com

Spend Money on the Essentials


When you see someone “dressed well,” you’re not looking at their whole outfit. You’re just seeing a one or two items that are catching your eye, that’s all. If you have any money to spend, do so investing in a few “classic” pieces, such as a knockout dress, winter coat, or boots. Of course, there’s no one right piece for you to wear; what that piece is will depend on your taste of style. Once you have a few high-quality pieces in the wardrobe, the rest of the outfit will fall into place.


What’s in the Wardrobe?


And talking of your wardrobe, when was the last time you went looking through there? Fashions come and go, and what might have looked a bit dated last year might become a go-to piece for this season. Even if you go through your wardrobe and see nothing that you want to keep, don’t throw it away: one person’s rubbish is another person’s gold. Offer it around to your friends in exchange for something else. They might have something in their wardrobe that suits you perfectly!


Stellar Beauty Hacks


You can, if you so wish, spend a lot of money making sure your hair and makeup are flawless, but it’s much cheaper just to know a few hacks that’ll have you looking like a knockout without having to spend all your money. It’s all about focusing on three areas: your hair, eyes, and lips. For your hair, invest in cost-effective tape in extensions; they’ll ensure your hair always looks great. Beyond that, learn a makeup tutorial that’ll bring out the best in your eyes, and then find that killer shade of lipstick that’ll become your new handbag essential.


Shop at the Right Time


You won’t be able to get away with spending no money whatsoever. The trick is to spend your money wisely. If you’re shopping for new items the second they hit the stores, then yeah, you’ll need to have a lot of money. However, if instead, you buy second hand (people are always selling their old clothes, even ones they’ve bought just a few weeks before) and toward the end of the season, you’ll be able to pick up some bargains.


Finally, remember that looking a million dollars is about feeling a million dollars. There’s no substitute for walking around with bags full of confidence and a winning smile!


Who Needs Pockets? 5 Reasons That Designer Handbag Is The Right Choice


Image Source

Every woman who is interested in fashion will have noticed the lack of pockets in all their clothes. Coats have pocket outlines, but often the pockets themselves are sewn shut. Jeans often have pocket outlines, but again, the pockets are just for decoration and not for practical use. The fashion industry is extremely smart, as their lack of pocket design means that they get to sell more beautiful handbags and we all know how much we girls love our handbags.

Over the shoulder, across the body, clutch, on the back – you name it, it’s on the shelves. Handbags dominate the accessories portion of the shops, alongside coin purses and functional wallets such as the Bricraft RFID zipper wallet, which not only carries cards and cash but protects you from ID fraud. Women love their accessories and the fashion bigwigs know this and in a way, take advantage of it. No pockets tends to mean that you now have to buy a bag and a purse – oh what a shame that is! Justifying the cost of a new designer handbag may seem like a big deal, but don’t worry. We get it. We understand that there are good reasons for investing so, check out our top five reasons that you should absolutely buy that gorgeous bag!


Image Source

  1. It’ll Last. A designer handbag often costs a lot of money and there’s always a good reason. You’re paying for quality material and quality workmanship and you won’t necessarily need to buy another bag for a fairly long time. Unless, you know, you want to.
  2. Sales. Most designer handbags go on sale through the year and let’s be honest, who hasn’t looked at a handbag sale, seen them for half the cost and invested? Yeah, us too.
  3. Impressions. First impressions are important and if you’re buying a designer handbag so that you can replace a shabby looking one, then it’s worth it. Dressing to impress counts for something, especially in the workplace, and if you have a beautifully supple leather handbag on your arm, you’re going to do just that.
  4. Style. Having style is important when you are someone who wants to keep up with current trends. No one wants to look outdated, especially if you’re heading to work with your new bag every day! Updating your appearance is important for some and a handbag can do so much for your look!
  5. Feel-Good Factor. That feeling of buying something beautiful, new and just for yourself can last you some time. There’s something wonderfully uplifting about treating yourself to something new and you can really give your self-esteem a boost.

Browsing the very many designer bags on the shelf could take some time and when you see the price tag, don’t forget all the reasons you’re buying that bag. You haven’t got any pockets, and you’ve got a wallet, a phone and your keys to carry around as well as all the other secrets women carry in their bags. Invest today and you’ll not regret it tomorrow.