Getting Back On The Road To Recovery

Getting hurt is something that none of us plan for. After all, how many times do we think it’s going to happen to us? We often read things in the news or hear stories from friends about unfortunate accidents that seem like they would only never come our way. However, you can’t always be so sure. While the likelihood of injuring yourself on a daily basis still is pretty small, all it can sometimes take is one slip up. You may accidentally consume something that seriously doesn’t agree with you and find that you are laid out for some weeks as a result. Or, you could experience an entirely different situation where you take the brunt of someone else’s mistake; such as being injured in a car crash, for example. Of course, if you’re still alive after it and with no life-altering injuries, there is certainly a lot to be thankful for. But this doesn’t mean that spending time away from your job and usual social activities while you recover is any more fun than it originally sounds! Depending on how badly you were injured the recovery process can take some time and you could even find yourself falling into bad health habits as a result of it. Here are a few ways for you to look after yourself during recovery from an injury or bout of illness.


Be mindful of your food consumption

If your injury or illness means that you are bedridden for some time, you will find that any calories you consume you struggle to burn off. This is simply because you are not moving around as much. If you are usually a very active person, living on a high carb and high protein diet to fuel your energy, continuing to eat this way while being pretty much sedentary will result in one thing and one thing only: weight gain. Instead, monitor what you eat and try and limit your intake to reflect your activity levels until you are back to normal.

Don’t stress

You may think that stress is merely a mental condition, but it can have an enormous impact on our physical health too. Stress weakens the immune system and can also interfere with our sleep, something that is paramount to injury recovery. If one of the reasons you are stressing out is down to your finances while you are laid off work, take a look at this Capital Planning,Inc. structured settlement review. Many people get offered a structured settlement as part of an injury claim, but don’t feel you need to accept it if it’s not right for you.

Avoid toxins

Things like alcohol and cigarettes can severely slow down your recovery. While in small doses they may not have a catastrophic effect on an otherwise healthy person, using them when you are already ill is a very bad idea. Steer clear of them completely and even when you are better again, try and avoid cigarettes and only drink alcohol responsibly.

Release Your Summer Godess Without Breaking the Bank

The fact that summer is just around the corner, for many women, is met with a mixture of emotions. On the one hand there’s the great weather to look forward to and on the other there’s the fact that this also means slowly disrobing our winter wardrobe armor.


It’s never easy shedding the layers after months of covering up, so today we’re providing a step by step guide on how to make a seamless transition into a gorgeous summer goddess, cheaply and confidently.


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Beach Body Blah Blah


So first of all, it’s normal to put on a few pounds over the colder months. It’s actually not just normal but scientifically proven as a subconscious survival technique in order to get through the colder weather.


So we’re not going to bore you with techniques on how to lose those pounds. There are enough blogs on how to do that. Our belief is more about the importance of being happy and content in your own skin. Negative self-body image is higher than it’s ever been and that is incredibly sad as real beauty comes through health, happiness and inner confidence.


So regardless of those extra few pounds we may be carrying around we should all be able to walk confidently into the warmer summer months embracing our wonderful varieties of shapes and sizes. We are all different and gorgeous in our own way and confidence is the sexiest outfit of all.


Summer Skin Ahoy


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Now this is one area that is really important when shedding those layers and there are so many simple tricks to get your skin buffed and glowing and ready to face the world.


First things first. Exfoliation. Skin is much dryer in the winter months so using a light daily exfoliater is essential to shed dry skin to reveal your youthful glow underneath. You don’t need the top brands for a top exfoliation, in fact you can even make your own by simply combining coconut oil and sugar.


Understanding your skin type is imperative before investing in face moisturiser as it’s not a one-size-fits-all area. With skin care products becoming more and more expensive it’s important to know what your skin needs before putting your credit card on the table. Also your skin will require a much lighter moisturizer in the summer than in the winter.


Although skin care and cosmetics are becoming more and more expensive, there are also more and more fantastic deals circulating that you let you experiment with the cosmetics that work for you. Share these Bath & Body Works coupon codes and find the right summer products for you.


Shiny Summer Locks


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Our hair is also affected by the different seasons and so our beauty regimes must be adapted to the changing season. Protecting our hair from the sun is essential to prevent dry and damaged hair and split ends.


Why not give your mane a really healthy chop before the summer months so it looks its best. Taking a few inches off can strengthen hair which will help it fight the damaging effects of the sun.


A weekly hair mask will keep your locks shiny and manageable which will shave minutes off your morning routine trying to brush out the knots and kinks. A great overnight hair mask, that costs mere pennies is coconut oil. Using organic, raw coconut oil in the ends of your hair and leaving overnight, will keep your hair soft, strong and gorgeous.


It only really takes a little creativity and a touch of time investment to make sure you can stride your way into summer confidently, sexily looking great and most importantly of all feeling great.




It’s that time of the year folks! When SHOPBOP Blesses us with a coupon code and I go crazy with my seasonal wishlist!

For Spring I am all about t-shirts, jeans, cute bags and active wear! Check out some of my picks below and hope that you can grab them all before everything sells out with prices this amazing!


Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 2.31.32 PM

I Saw this amazing dress on Nikki Bella on this season of Total Divas and HAD TO HAVE IT!

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 2.32.00 PM
Zara Terez makes the most lightweight comfy leggings for spin class and these have stars! My favorite!Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 2.32.31 PMNothing beats a sturdy backpack and this one from MADEWELL is gorgeous!
Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 2.33.04 PMI live in jeans and these Levi’s are going to be a staple in my wardrobe all spring/summer long!


Because I have been buying & selling clothes and accessories FOREVER  on every shopping trip I wind up picking something (or many somethings) up for myself. While these items basically become free after everything else is sold that doesn’t mean that all these items don’t take up a massive amount of space in my apartment.

While I am blessed with 2 floors, I still have all my comic con stuff, my Poshmark stuff, 3 animals, etc!


I do a fast closet clean every month and a big clean out between seasons, but lately things have gotten out of hand. I have too much.

The upside? I am inspired to write this 3 part series about how to purge your closet and life, and how to make room for new items so that everything you own is something you LOVE.

Imagine that?

November - December 206

Throwback Tuesday// Plastic Hanger Closet Purge Circa 2008

The first post will be up tomorrow and will focus on Clothing

We will then move into Part 2: Bags & Accessories

Part 3: Jewelry

See you tomorrow!

Health Concerns? Take Care Of Your Body So It Can Take Care Of You



Pexels Image

In an age where we’re so concerned with the way our body looks, we seem to have lost our awareness of how they work. Never has a generation been less aware of their mortality. Whenever we speak about living a ‘healthier lifestyle,’ we mean getting a thinner waist. It’s about time we got back into touch with our bodies in a more realistic way. Our bodies are machines. They filter toxins, face all kinds of conditions, and ingest a lot of things they shouldn’t. Don’t lose touch with the fact that they can’t do this forever. There’ll be a point when something goes wrong. Don’t get caught out when that happens. Take steps to ensure you’re taking care of yourself.


Health insurance isn’t cheap, and most providers seem to be shady, to say the least. Even so, health insurance is a must. You don’t want to find yourself in the position of not being able to afford health care. Insurance at least assures that the financial costs are covered. If it’s the companies you don’t trust, look around for more ethical organizations. Click here to get an idea of not for profit insurers. There are some out there, it’s just a case of looking for them!


Getting to know your body is essential. You have no way to know when something’s wrong if you don’t know how your body should feel. Familiarize yourself with your body. Get to know the shape and feel of everything. Once you’ve established what’s normal for you, do regular checks to make sure it stays that way. Every woman knows they should be checking their breasts for lumps, but very few actually do it. In part, it’s fear that keeps us apart from our bodies. Overcome that fear today. Fear isn’t going to stop any health problems cropping up, but it will stop you being able to catch them in time. Click here to get an idea of the types of checks you should be doing.


This may be more familiar territory for most people, but keeping fit and healthy is a must. Keeping your body active will do it wonders. From increased energy to muscle strength. Exercise is an excellent way to get in touch with your body. It makes you aware of things you wouldn’t otherwise pick up on, which can only be a good thing, right?


Sleep is another crucial thing that we seem to forget. In a world where there’s never enough hours in the day, it’s tempting to skip a few hours sleep to get more done. Don’t! Not getting enough sleep is not good for you in so many ways. Tiredness will leave you feeling groggy and will do no good for your mental wellbeing. If you deprive yourself of sleep on a regular basis, it won’t take long to have a detrimental effect. When your body has no energy, you’re less able to fight off illness!

Is It Spring Yet Tho?

This weekend it was in the 60’s here in NYC and I came to the shocking realization that I don’t have one winter/spring transitional dress in my closet. I fixed that immediately with a quick tip over to to check out their awesome (and diverse) collection of Dresses

Here are a couple of the ones that would fit perfectly into my wardrobe for a seamless winter/spring transition:



I love sweats. I collect sweatshirts, and I basically live in sweatpants, so this dress basically called out to me. I can see it with sheer tights, leather vest, and booties for a night out. Or a pair of warm leggings for a trip to the grocery store. I love items I can dress up or down and I love the pops of white around the sleeves and neckline!


I am obsessed with babydoll dresses. I am short and these dresses always flatter my figure. I love this one because of the adorable cut-out detailing and the cute print. I would rock this with boots or high top converse sneakers.



Skater dresses are another favorite of mine. I would make this cold weather friendly by adding a belted cardigan and some opaque black tights.


What dresses are you dreaming of that can seamlessly transition from winter to spring?

Black Friday Blues (and blacks, and pinks, and reds, and golds…..)

I can’t believe this year is almost over! Now the holidays are upon us and my favorite time of the year! SHOPPING SEASON!

I am kicking off Shopping season with one of my favorite Black Friday Sales at SHOPBOP.COM


I am busy building the “easy” wardrobe of my dreams (more on that later). Where I can reach into my closet and just whatever I grab will be amazing. Therefore, this Black Friday season I am trying to keep it simple so I bought a belt I have been lusting after for awhile.


This B-LOW The Belt Bri Bri belt is so versatile I am so excited to get it.I plan to wear it over dresses, with jeans, and as a cinch belt over basically everything!


What did you pick up at the shop bop sale this year! If you haven’t checked it out yet now is the time! The sale ends on November 28th at 11:59pm!

Don’t Forget To Do These Things At Night (For The Sake Of Your Appearance!)

When we are rushing to bed at night, it’s easy to forget about our appearance. After all, the thing we care most about is getting some shut eye. But if you want to have a glowing appearance in the morning, you need to make sure you do some essential things at night. Here are some things you should be doing before heading to bed for the sake of your appearance!

Don’t forget to take off your makeup

It’s so easy to do, but leaving your makeup on at night is so bad for your skin. It clogs up your pores and can cause a dull complexion in the morning. And it says on, it can even cause acne and contribute to aging. Therefore, it’s so important that you remove your makeup before you head to bed for the sake of your appearance. Don’t just use water with tissues as this can irritate your skin. Stick to makeup remover wipes from the store which you can use to easily get rid of makeup. They go deep in your pores, leaving you fresh- faced by the time morning arrives. And if you have forgotten to get fully stocked, baby wipes work just as well. After all, they are gentle and soft, so that your skin won’t get irritated from the wipes.



Don’t forget to floss after brushing  

Although a lot of us do brush our teeth at night, it’s not always the case when it comes to flossing. But it’s so important if you want to keep your pearly whites in an excellent condition. After all, we tend to only catch some food when we brush. That means other food is decaying in-between our teeth during the night. And we could end up waking up with bad breath in the morning! As well as this, some experts believe flossing can help to fight the effects of aging! Therefore, it’s important to ensure you floss before bed. However, a lot of people hate the traditional floss string. If this is you, you might want to look into getting some form of water flosser from sites such as It can make the process easier and more effective than traditional string.

Don’t forget to brush your hair

If you head to bed without giving your hair a good brush, you will wake up in the morning with a load of knots in your hair. It means you will struggle to make it look nice before you head to work. Therefore, before you get some shut eye, make sure you brush it through properly. That way, you will wake up in the morning with hair that is much easier to style!



Don’t forget to apply a night cream

The night poses the most risk to your skin. After all, it’s easy for your skin to get dehydrated in the night which can cause it to get dry and irritated the next day. To ensure it doesn’t happen, you should use a night cream. It will soothe and hydrate your skin so that it looks great first thing in the morning.

Don’t forget to apply a lip protector which will ensure you don’t wake up with dry and chapped lips in the morning!

That Shopbop Sale Tho…

If you are anything like me (a shopaholic) then your SHOPBOP.COM Wishlist must be like 30 pages…it’s not? Oh well then you better get to “hearting” because my wish list comes in handy for filling my cart at times like these. What time is it you ask? ITS SALE TIME!




My Wishlist is kind of insane and I already have one package on its way to me (Cue the squeeling!) You have until tomorrow midnight (PST) To take advantage of these deals! I am still deciding between a few things but here are the goodies I have already picked up or am ordering tonight!

Total Fall & Winter must haves!


Post and let me know what you guys order!!

Bag Hoarder

photo (1)image

photo (1)I admit it – I have a problem. I love purses. I try to do a clean out of the bag pile every year and it usually requires the assistance of my little sister ( I need someone to tell at me and keep me in check!) however a bag clean out in may still
Leaves me with this huge pile of purses. I need to be reasonable.
My new motivation is: Growing up.
I don’t need all these hipster 90s bags and overnight duffels with safari animals on them-
Well maybe I do but it surely time to downsize some of them and it usually takes me a few go arounds. A girl doesn’t need 7 quilted chain bags that aren’t actually Chanel.
I will post more photos as the journey progresses.